pumpkin pie

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Noun1.pumpkin pie - pie made of mashed pumpkin and milk and eggs and sugarpumpkin pie - pie made of mashed pumpkin and milk and eggs and sugar
pie - dish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top
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There was something in them about pumpkin pie and virtue.
But Jack Pumpkinhead grew a lot of things in his garden besides pumpkins, so he cooked for them a fine vegetable soup and gave Dorothy, Ojo and Toto, the only ones who found it necessary to eat, a pumpkin pie and some green cheese.
He plunged one hand into his hip pocket and the other into a fresh pumpkin pie.
The pumpkin-headed man welcomed his visitors joyfully and offered them several delicious pumpkin pies to eat.
I don't indulge in pumpkin pies myself, for two reasons," he said.
Way beyond pumpkin pie, the pulp of this fleshy squash can be used in sloppy joes and savory soups, dried for fruit leather and cut into chunks and roasted.
Pumpkin Baking a pumpkin pie to perfection is all about timing.
Like most of my homesteading adventures, the quest for the perfect pumpkin pie began in my garden.
Creme Brulee Boudino and Pumpkin Pie Latte will begin rolling out to Caribou stores in late August.
A classic Thanksgiving dish perfectly executed, Yoder's pumpkin pie features a buttery, flaky crust and a spiced pumpkin filling; it's then smothered in whipped cream and topped with cinnamon.
SARAH Farley at Relish Cafe, Redcar, has sent in this recipe for pumpkin pie - the traditional Thanksgiving dish in the US and Canada that's great for using all the pumpkin you've carved out at Halloween