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A dry alpine grassland of the Andean highlands.



1. (Physical Geography) a high cold dry plateau, esp in the Andes
2. (Pathology) another name for mountain sickness
[C17: from American Spanish, from Quechuan]
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There was some imagination even in this; for upon finding fossil shells on the highest ridge, I entirely forgot the puna in my delight.
In the cool season the girls used to come down and visit me in Hilo, where Dad had two houses, one at the beach, or the three of us used to go down to our place in Puna, and that meant canoes and boats and fishing and swimming.
Pure Energys TC Project is located in the heart of Argentinas lithium-rich Puna Region.
Puna is a joint venture that consists of the Pirquitas and the Chinchillas properties, owned 75% and operated by SSR Mining.
NASDAQ: SSRM) (TSX: SSRM), a Canadian-based precious metals producer, has received approval from the Argentine regulatory authorities for the Environmental Impact Assessment for Puna Operations Inc.
New Delhi [India], October 29 ( ANI ): A 50-year-old man stabbed to death, was found in Delhi's Nangli Puna Flyover in GT Road, Rohini at 12:40 a.
We all must now take care of our ocean," Prime Minister Puna said, "[and] it is imperative that those who live and exist both within and beyond our ocean's boundaries do recognize and respect its sanctity.
Especificamente, en la Puna argentina algunas clases han sido asignadas satisfactoriamente a distintos momentos de los cazadores-recolectores que ocuparon la region (Cigliano 1962; Fernandez 1983; Gonzalez 1952), pero no todas estan asociadas con cronologia absoluta.
The school identified 153 students who live in lower Puna that could be impacted.
The warning came as residents were cleaning up from a tropical storm that made landfall over the Puna district, toppling trees and knocking out electricity.
The isolated, jungle-like Puna region has no access to electricity right now,
La Reserva Nacional de Junin, es un area de conservacion altoandina de 53000 ha en la que se asientan 9 comunidades campesinas, entre ellas la Comunidad Campesina Villa de Junin, que se dedican a actividades agropecuarias y en cuyos terrenos comunales se practica el "champeo", con fines energeticos, debido a la falta de materiales alternativos que brinden a los pobladores la energia necesaria para calentar sus casas y cocinar sus alimentos, afectando con esta actividad a las formaciones vegetales de cesped de puna y el bofedal.