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n. pl. Pun·chi·nel·los or Pun·chi·nel·loes
1. The short fat buffoon or clown in an Italian puppet show.
2. One who resembles a short fat clown.

[Variant of Polichinello, from Italian dialectal Pollecinella, diminutive of pollecena, turkey pullet (from the resemblance between its beak and Punchinello's nose), ultimately from Latin pullus, young chicken; see pullet.]


n, pl -los or -loes
1. (Theatre) a type of clown from Italian burlesque or puppet shows, the prototype of Punch
2. (sometimes not capital) any grotesque or absurd character
[C17: from earlier Polichinello, from Italian (Neapolitan dialect) Polecenella, from Italian pulcino chicken, ultimately from Latin pullus young animal]


(ˌpʌn tʃəˈnɛl oʊ)

n., pl. -los, -loes.
1. the grotesque or absurd chief character in a puppet show of Italian origin: the prototype of Punch.
2. any grotesque or absurd person.
[1660–70; dissimilated form of dial. Italian (Neapolitan) Policinella]


nPulcinella f; (= clown)Hanswurst m
References in classic literature ?
Sophia was charmed with the contemplation of so heroic an action, and began to compliment herself with much premature flattery, when Cupid, who lay hid in her muff, suddenly crept out, and like Punchinello in a puppet-show, kicked all out before him.
He is neither a gentleman in manner nor in feeling, but a sort of buffoon, a punchinello, a pantaloon.
One of the artist's beloved and playful pen and brown ink and wash drawings from the series illustrating the life of the Commedia dell'Arte character Punchinello, The Country School offered a particularly lively and complex scene.
PUNCHINELLO For all my wanton aggressive traits, I blame the watching of puppet shows, On Lime Street when I was eight, Where, safely anchored by parental hands, And wedged between the doughnut sellers, And gaseous hot dog stands, Through my sticky pink strands of candy floss, I spied.
The march Punchinello opened the evening followed by Festive Overture by Shostakovich, both played with real brio and certainly got the concert of to a bright start.
Five years in the making from gestation to digitization, the artist couches this first of three Books in expressionistic imagery and language from a myriad of influences from Bruegel and Blake to Punchinello and Tolkien.
In a sheet from the dispersed portfolio at the British Museum, Punchinello is carried off on the back of a centaur.
Perhaps here was created the theatrical tradition of the sad, emotionally bruised clown that is epitomized by Canio-the-Clown's cry in Leoncavallo's opera I Pagliacci: "No Punchinello am I, but a man.
The punchinello steps forward, balancing his green and yellow hump.
However, in retrospect it is hard not to see - just once - a fleeting glimmer of a bully behind the chin and the sombre eyes, the nastiness of the true Punchinello coming to the surface.
Following Punchinello the builder, Hans the baker, Lucia the painter, Eli the woodcarver, and an extraordinary cast of fun characters as Your Special Gift as the Lucia, Hans, and Punchinello strive use their separate gifts to help a family in need.
Lowerre 174 Typed label on front cover "THE PUNCHINELLO QUADRILLE by Henri Bohlman Sauzeau" (first piece in collection).