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Adv.1.punishingly - in a punishing manner
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It also contains coconut butter and coconut oil - both punishingly expensive - plus chopped pistachios, edible rose petals and instant espresso powder.
3 world champion seemed unaffected by the punishingly hot conditions and built an insurmountable 13-minute lead.
IT was a day of such punishingly stifling heat and humidity that it was almost impossible to find sanctuary in Amsterdam that afternoon.
Its mayo, squirted like toothpaste over the top, tasted punishingly of raw curry powder.
As the Gimcrack approaches and the temperature rises at a punishingly muggy Knavesmire so the betting heats up too, with a queue a near-constant fixture in front of Huddlestone's prime pitch.
A surprising number of Jazz Jam revellers took their places at Brecon Cathedral at the punishingly early hour of 10am on Sunday for the Jazz Festival Service.
Investors who embrace the volatility and examine company fundamentals are poised to identify opportunities as the markets punishingly price in the uncertainty.
Graham Robb, chairman of the Institute of Directors North East, said: "I welcome the prospect of changes to business rates and further relief for small business; business rates can be punishingly expensive for smaller businesses and the IoD will constructively engage in consultations to secure longterm reforms.
My two sons have been indoctrinated by their well-meaning public schools to believe that college is a punishingly difficult pursuit of knowledge.
They're punishingly heavy, sure, but you could dance to them if there was any room to move.
But what it is is an insipid, boring and punishingly long attempt to tell a story that has been told too many times already.
Now any Unite member is eligible to become a saver with this long established Credit Union which within a comparatively short period of time enables them to access ethical loans, without punishingly high interest rates.