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com)-- The Chinese smart air purifier market will grow at an incredible pace, Innova Research concludes in a recently published market research report, entitled "The Chinese Market for Residential Air Purifiers - 2015 Edition," after interviewing over twenty major air purifier makers, OEMs, and components suppliers, and other players in the Chinese air purifier value chain.
com/research/v3l92h/apac_air) has announced the addition of the "APAC Air Purifiers Market, By Technology, Coverage Area, Application, Country Forecast & Analysis (2015-2022)" report to their offering.
According to recently published TechSci Research report, Global Water Purifiers Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020 , the global water purifiers market is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 16% during 2015- 2020.
Online air purifier retailer Air Purifiers USA responded to the uptick in demand for air cleaners by offering a 15 percent discount to consumers on all brands that it sells, said Barry Midwinter, owner of Air Purifiers USA.
Air purifiers cost about $300 to $600 each and the operational cost is "pennies a day," Rittri said.
In recent months, Sharp's conventional types of ion-generating air purifiers have enjoyed popularity among consumers in Asia amid fears of the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome.
Evaluating the two state-of-the-art vacuum oil purifiers at the U.
The situation of the rural population is graver than that of the urban population, with more than 5 Million people lacking access to safe drinking water in rural areas of the country which has given rise to the demand for water purifiers in South Africa.
As a result of these water quality issues, in addition to rapid urbanization, growing health awareness and increasing industrialization, the demand for water purifiers across the country continues to grow.
com)-- Being one of the largest air purifier manufacturing bases in the world, China remained as an insignificant market for air purifiers until 2012, when the residential air purifier shipments to the local Chinese market skyrocketed to 1.
Deteriorating water quality, increasing health awareness among consumers and rising per capita income to drive global water purifiers market through 2020
Tata announced the launch of Tata Swach, the non-electric water purifiers, in Ahmedabad market with reverse osmosis water purifiers in two variants.