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1. Rigorous in religious observance; marked by stern morality.
2. Puritanical Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Puritans.

pu′ri·tan′i·cal·ly adv.
pu′ri·tan′i·cal·ness n.
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Adv.1.puritanically - in a prudish manner; "she acts prudishly, but I wonder whether she is really all that chaste"
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I trust also," said D'Artagnan, approaching the young man closely, "that you will no longer speak ill of any one, as it seems you have the unfortunate habit of doing; for a man so puritanically conscientious as you are, who can reproach an old soldier for a youthful freak five-and-thirty years after it happened, will allow me to ask whether you who advocate such excessive purity of conscience, will undertake on your side to do nothing contrary either to conscience or the principle of honor.
He noted that many readers in puritanically conservative Barbados accepted the stories.
Barring a few exceptions, all the ads carry puritanically the portraits of both the deceased and alive top leaders of the ruling party concerned.
Needless to say, this genre readily engages design sensibilities of a puritanically reductionist, pathologically inartistic cast.
Augustus John rampaged through life with all his appetites blazing and, as an artist and lover, scaled peaks of splendour that left most of his contemporaries puritanically appalled or sorely envious.
We drank cappuccinos at the table, him wrapped puritanically in my bathrobe, me with my shirt off.
6) Puritanically inclined Archbishop of York Edmund Grindal had explicitly addressed this in his visitation articles of 1571, which condemned fairs, markets and the peddling of wares in church-porches or church-yards.
A profusion of love affairs reveal that the heart of the young revolutionary isn't always primly and puritanically devoted to the cause of social justice.
Annoyed by Robin Hyde's Auckland Star articles criticising Phoenix-Caxton poetry, Sargeson puritanically dismissed them as 'a sort of orgasm in 3 stanzas.
Those who find it to be legitimate and compassionate and to yield wise and humane judgments usually see Angelo and his actions as puritanically self-righteous and malicious.
7) In 1945, John Dover Wilson described William Brooke as "a man puritanically inclined and inimical to the theatre.
The corruption that surrounds him stands in contrast to the earlier images of Shylock as an upright and temperate man who, although puritanically strict, loves his daughter.