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also pur·line  (pûr′lĭn)
One of several horizontal timbers supporting the rafters of a roof.

[Middle English.]


(ˈpɜːlɪn) or


(Building) a horizontal beam that provides intermediate support for the common rafters of a roof construction
[C15: of uncertain origin]


(ˈpɜr lɪn)

also pur•line


a longitudinal member in a roof frame, usu. for supporting rafters or the like between the plate and the ridge.
[1400–50; late Middle English purlyn, purloyne]
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Tenders are invited for NCTPS MII circle ECHS Renewal of existing damaged ACC sheets, FRP sheet, ACC ridge and corroded purlin structures in the gallery of conveyor BCN 44.
Bedroom two is another double and has an exposed brick wall with beams and a purlin to the ceiling.
here w--the intensity of distributed loads; L--the length of a purlin.
Dubina and Ungureanu (2010) simulated the behaviour of cold formed steel double span purlin system under a uniform load using numerical analysis.
New Pre-Engineered Purlin Sections for Solar Tree Array Facilitates Fast & Easy Installation of Envision Solar's Drag & Drop Infrastructure (TM) Product Line
Key equipment includes a fully automatic Z & C purlin roll forming line and fully automatic slitting line capable of slitting thinner gauge prepainted aluminum and gi coils used in making cladding.
Note that the base and middle purlin are the same length (six feet), but the ridge board protrudes (four feet) from the face of the right-hand arch; the ridge of the left-hand section protrudes two feet.
This made quite a difference to the slender timbers that had been used as rafters and purlin beams.
Insulation (fiberglass and foam board) fills the space created by the clips between the top of the purlin and the bottom of the roof sheet.
They had been called to an address in Purlin Wharf, Netherton, just after midnight yesterday.
The company has unveiled plans, which include the introduction of the new long span purlin G-2 (second generation).
The dining area has windows with deep quarry tiled sills, timber floor, high pitched ceiling with exposed purlin and a feature exposed stone wall with galleried landing.