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Adj.1.purple-black - of black tinged with purple
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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Through the falling snow a purple-black and starry sky showed itself and the frost grew keener.
The far-reaching world of the moor itself looked softly blue instead of gloomy purple-black or awful dreary gray.
He was neither blue-black nor purple-black, but plum-black.
Deep purple-black in colour, the 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon springs from the glass with lifted crAaAaAeA?
Colored deep blue to purple-black, blueberries range in girth from a tiny quarter inch to one inch in diameter.
Back to black spot Remove rose leaves showing the tell-tale purple-black blotch symptoms of black spot.
At least one of the at least two kinds of substances displays a color series other than the yellow or yellowish brown color series (a purple or purple-black color series, or a blue or blue-black color series).
In each tree's purple-black sub-strata soils --every
As you can see, the flowers are small and profuse and are purple-black with a yellow centre.
Among my favourites is Tulipa "Queen of Night", whose tall, strong stems carry silky, purple-black flowers.
From the southwest, billows of purple-black clouds with bright-flashing bellies hurtled toward us.