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Adj.1.purple-blue - of blue tinged with purple
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Harvey's knuckles were raw and bleeding where they had been banged against the gunwale; his face was purple-blue between excitement and exertion; he dripped with sweat, and was half blinded from staring at the circling sunlit ripples about the swiftly moving line.
The Neelakurinji is a purple-blue flower native to Munnar that blooms on a large scale only once every 12 years.
In my garden now I've got Echinops, or Arctic Glow thistles, which give a lot of bang for your buck with lovely purple-blue, globe-like flowers.
Portuguese man-of-waris a big jellyfish-like creature with a large, purple-blue, gas-filled bladder and tentacles that hang below the water.
It belongs to the borage family, many of which have blue flowers, though its flowers are an interesting purple-blue and encased in grey calyces.
A spokesman for wildlife charity Buglife Wales, which investigated Mr Beynon's find, said: "The blue ground beetle is an impressive beast, a large beetle with a metallic purple-blue sheen.
bifolia, which produces loose sprays of star-shaped blue to purple-blue flowers in early spring and will increase rapidly, and S.
Good cultivars include 'Barr's Purple', 'Ruby Giant', which produces red-purple flowers, and 'Whitewell Purple', with purple-blue wide opening flowers.
It's a gorgeous purple-blue colour that's possibly more suited to the winter months than the forthcoming spring ones, but who cares?
The Portuguese Man of War - also know as bluebottles - are purple-blue in colour and they trail stinging tentacles up to 22 metres long.
More unknown are haskaps, a uniquely flavoured purple-blue berry from the honeysuckle family, which are very popular in Japan, and paw-paws, a temperate tree fruit from North America that, despite its exotic flavour, should not be confused with the tropical papaya.
It's resilient and attractive as from autumn to spring, small pale yellow bell-shaped flowers are produced in arching chains above its dark green leathery leaves, often followed by purple-blue berries.