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Adj.1.purple-tinged - of a color tinged with purple
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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In a storm that pushed your body back with the force of a rugby scrum, I tredged through the wild, scruffy, purple-tinged fields for three hours until the unmistakable rattling call cut through the air.
For something different, Sparkling Burgundy is a purple-tinged version.
Ensete ventricosum 'Maurellii', the Abyssinian banana, has pleasing purple-tinged leaves.
Asparagus Peak: February to June Buy vibrant green spears with tight, purple-tinged buds.
There's also a spectacular shot of a rainbow that seems like a dome over Denver, while another captures a purple-tinged lightning streak across skyscrapers.
London, Feb 8 ( ANI ): Scientists have developed glasses with purple-tinged lenses that enhance reds and greens, allowing those with colour blindness to see them properly.
It has purple-tinged stems with long, slender leaves and clusters of white- or cream-petalled male flowers, and tiny female flowers, which smell delicious, are borne along the stems.
com)-- Stained teeth and many a purple-tinged smile at Wednesday's well-attended Argentina Annual Trade Tasting at Lord's attested to the overwhelming predominance of red wines on show - mostly Malbec of course.
Carpeting stonecrops, such as Sedum Ruby Glow and Vera Jameson, provide colour via purple-tinged succulent leaves and crimson flowerheads from mid-summer to autumn.
This is an unbelievably spectacular drive crossing wild open spaces, with views across the Straits of Gibraltar to the purple-tinged Rif mountains of Morocco.
It's available year-round, but February through June is the best time to buy this bright green vegetable sporting purple-tinged tips.
The bulbs are usually all white, but can be purple-tinged.