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Adj.1.purple-tinted - of a color tinged with purple
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Among their kin is the popular houseplant called wandering Jew, appreciated for the way its drooping, purple-tinted stems impart a tropical lushness to heated homes in the winter.
Wearing a purple-tinted floral dress and short white coat and matching hat, the queen and Prince Philip mingled with Perth residents at an Australian barbecue as their final public engagement in Australia.
All that is under Mario Hugo's amoebic, purple-tinted (purposefully?
Most daring is a purple-tinted lip, which can look stunning on dark skin - try Barbara Daly See- Though Lip Glaze in Desire, pounds 4.
OZZY Osbourne has donated a pair of his trademark purple-tinted, round-rimmed glasses to a celebrity specs auction.
The 'News and Views' page has a pale purple-tinted view of his Grange at Ramsgate (at least I think it's that) and some desultory sub-items across the top.
Above the mirror, McEwen hung a closcup of Michael Jackson's feet, clad in superspecial dancing shoes and incandescent socks; a small drawing of a shoe-gazing guitarist from a very noisy band like My Bloody Valentine (a certain kind of low-frequency noise that can, apparently, trigger involuntary bowel movements is known as "brown sound"); and a purple-tinted version of an earlier piece, Untitled (A-line), 2002, where McEwen took the famous photograph of Mussolini and his mistress strung up by their feet and inverted it, so that they seem to be throwing their arms up as they ascend ecstatically.
He was wearing purple-tinted sunglasses, carrying a red rucksack and he was riding a yellow and green mountain bicycle.
She has the hint of a sad smile and the purple-tinted glasses of the sophisticated New Yorker.
Mahonia japonica has purple-tinted leaves and scented flowers in winter.