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1. Any of several tropical American trees of the genus Peltogyne of the pea family, having very hard, durable brown wood that turns a purple color on exposure.
2. The purplish heartwood of any of these trees, used in furniture, turnery, and decorative work.

Pur′ple Heart′

a medal awarded U.S. service personnel for wounds received in action against an enemy.
[1930–35, Amer.]


(ˈpɜr pəlˌhɑrt)

the hard purplish wood of any of several South American trees belonging to the genus Peltogyne, of the legume family, used for making furniture.
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It's easy to understand why: Guyana's forests have desirable hardwoods, such as greenheart, purpleheart, and wamara, a substitute for rosewood that has been overharvested elsewhere.
Initiate a mangrove (red and white mangrove species) and other trees such as purpleheart, iroko, jathropha, ogbono and angelique replanting to rehabilitate the wetland and stabilize soil around the community through training of community members to raise tree nurseries of 2000 mangrove species and 2000 other trees at a commercial level which can be sold to other communities after project close out.
Purpleheart or apitong wood are the way to go when replacing the decking.
Select from African Shedua, leopardwood, Jatoba, or Purpleheart.
The I-Beam riser is faced with purpleheart strips; limbs are powered by maple cores faced with caramel glass and backed with brown.
Some of the woods used are walnut, oak, cherry, maple, sassafras, mahogony, butternut, elm, cedar, padouk (African) and purpleheart (South American).
Check out its impressive sculptures, made from purpleheart timber, copper and Welsh slate and be inspired by the memory wall.
Popular species include: red and white oak, maple, black walnut, American cherry, Brazilian cherry, mahogany, santos mahogany, poplar, wenge, purpleheart and ash.
And it is here that he stocks the woods of which he is so proud, some 25 types, from mahogany and ebony to the exotic amazaque, pink ivory, purpleheart, vahuatnu and Tasmanian blackwood.
Included in this group are purpleheart and greenheart, ipe (pau lope), jarrah, and other introductions.
Numerous little rectangular holes in the carcase, situated in line with the design of the veneer border of the drop-front and the purpleheart fretwork of the marquetry on the side of the desk, and invisible once the marquetry is glued in position, could be seen in the X-ray photographs (Fig.
We used rock maple and purpleheart (Rockler, 800-279 4441; www.