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Adj.1.purplish-black - of black tinged with purple
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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Carrots were the fascinating novelty in 14th-century Holland, where cunning horticulturalists succeeded in creating an orange hybrid of the original purplish-black root.
The fruits may be purplish-black, white or all shades in between--some varieties even bear orange or green fruits.
5 cm in diameter), with a thin, smooth, glossy skin of a red colour that becomes purplish-black at the end of the ripening period.
Best of the Bunch Black lily grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens') COMMONLY known as lilyturf, this striking black grass-like perennial which originates from Japan looks brilliant framing the front of a border with its curved, strap-shaped purplish-black leaves, which grow to around 35cm (14in) long.
A California mailman named Rudolph Hass discovered this cultivar, which turns purplish-black upon ripening, and patented the tree in 1935.
The Cascara, with small hidden flowers and purplish-black berries, is a plant native to the Pacific Northwest that signifies continual growth.
An image from that time of a mute woman with white hair, propped up by pillows in bed with an untouched breakfast tray in front of her and a large, purplish-black contusion circling her eye occasionally disturbed my thinking.
Its large, sawcut leaves which, depending on the variety, are lime green, bright red, crimson, bronze or purplish-black, impart a dramatic ethos you won't soon forget.
Then he poked a suction tool into the wound itself and removed eight or ten tablespoons of dead, purplish-black brain until he exposed the living salmon-and-white brain below.
A black tartarian cherry (Prunus avium) with an estimated age of 150 years stuns onlookers in Eugene, Oregon, at a height of 60 feet, a crown spread of 80 feet, and the ability to produce small, round, purplish-black cherries, which expert U.