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Assumed to be such; supposed: the purported author of the story.

pur·port′ed·ly adv.


alleged; supposed; rumoured: a purported two million dollar deal.
purˈportedly adv


(pərˈpɔr tɪd, -ˈpoʊr-)

reputed or claimed; alleged: no evidence of their purported wealth.
pur•port′ed•ly, adv.


[pərˈpɔːrtɪd] adj [benefit, reason] → prétendu(e) before n
References in classic literature ?
A susceptible observer, at any rate, might have regarded it as affording very little evidence of the general benignity of soul whereof it purported to be the outward reflection.
The Doctor occupied two floors of a large stiff house, where several callings purported to be pursued by day, but whereof little was audible any day, and which was shunned by all of them at night.
Then we called at the tomb of Mahomet's children and at a tomb which purported to be that of St.
Stories which purported to reproduce the life of the Past were not unknown in England in the seventeenth century, but the real beginning of the historical novel and romance belongs to the later part of the eighteenth century.
In March, a photograph purported to show a militiaman beheading a Sunni shepherd, while an earlier piece of video purported to show a teenager gunned down by paramilitaries.
Now, a dummy video of the purported smartphone has surfaced, and it surprisingly wears the looks of iPhone 5C.
and Karma Mohamed Tahsin Al-Khayat are charged with knowingly and wilfully interfering with the administration of justice by broadcasting and or publishing information on purported confidential witnesses.
The Iran Times web page, which was hacked by a purported Egyptian group two weeks ago, was repaired last week but immediately hacked again, this time by a purported Turkish nationalist group.
The news report about a purported relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Anthony Bosch are not true.
The video, published on a social website, also shows what is purported to be a pro-democracy rally in the Arnous district of Damascus.
However, that duty is not applicable in circumstances where the injury consists in the expropriation of private property by a purported 'State' or by a body acting on behalf of that purported 'State'," they said.
We report the case of a young woman whose Munchausen's syndrome manifested as purported bleeding from a tracheotomy site.