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Adj.1.purpose-made - designed and constructed to serve a particular purpose
purposeful - serving as or indicating the existence of a purpose or goal
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He would write a purpose-made poem about me that always poked fun at me - they were always funny.
Purpose-made by Albie Barr, of the Ensign Flags Co, in Sandhills, the flag was ordered by the Liverpool Retired Merchant Seamen's Association.
Company's product-in-crate washing machine is purpose-made to wash different lots of products, large or small, soon after one another.
In contrast, a thoughtfully conceived, purpose-made multi-tool can meet a specific need to perfection while retaining general versatility.
The capsule, weighing 25Kg, is made from the same steel used to build oil rigs in the North Sea and was placed in a purpose-made hole under the new granite floor of Hafod Eryri.
These services can be operated through existing mobile phones or any of Argyll Telecoms' range of purpose-made lone worker devices including IdentiCare(tm), MobiCare(tm), MaxCare(tm)
To allow the containers to drain out excess rainwater, raise them on slats of wood, bricks or purpose-made pot stands which look smarter.
The curved walls provide a design challenge, but the Garthwaites have overcome this using purpose-made built in furniture.
A purpose-made facility is being built at Maudsley, near Alcester, for a European call centre which will have 40 employees.
Giencke began with minor alterations to the rooms along the north front, restoring windows, incorporating radiators unobtrusively, developing lighting schemes with fittings by the famous Austrian designer Bartenbach, adding new glass doors and purpose-made furniture.
Liquid tends to give plants an instant boost but needs repeating purpose-made The surfaces come a treat.
There have been many prestigious projects successfully completed across the UK, supplying purpose-made aesthetic precast concrete and cast stone units to contracts for the Shetlands in the North to the Channel Islands in the South; Southern Ireland in the West and on our own doorstep in the Tyne/Tees area in the East.