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1. Having or serving a purpose.
2. Purposeful: purposive behavior.

pur′po·sive·ly adv.
pur′po·sive·ness n.


1. relating to, having, or indicating conscious intention
2. serving a purpose; useful
ˈpurposively adv
ˈpurposiveness n


(ˈpɜr pə sɪv)

1. having or acting with a purpose or intention.
2. serving some purpose.
3. determined; resolute.
pur′pos•ive•ly, adv.
pur′pos•ive•ness, n.
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Adj.1.purposive - having or showing or acting with a purpose or design; "purposive behavior"
nonrandom - not random
2.purposive - having a purpose; "purposive behavior"
purposeful - serving as or indicating the existence of a purpose or goal


adj remark, statement, action, behaviourgezielt; the purposive use of scientific progressder gezielte Einsatz des wissenschaftlichen Fortschritts; to be purposiveeinen Zweck verfolgen
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The researcher adopts purposive sampling to choose a sample of "thirteen posters" which are then analyzed and the researcher has come out with some findings and recommendations
3) A synthesis of textual, contextual, and purposive analysis is hereinafter used to review the Reference.
Winston Castelo "Natural disasters such as typhoons, storm surges, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, among others, are bound to happen in significant frequency that would necessitate a more definitive, purposive, and planned course of action on the part of the government, at the national, regional and local levels," Rep.
Pippin sets out to examine the theme of fatalism in film noir, which he explains as follows: "Some philosophers believe that if the question is: What distinguishes naturally occurring events like bodily movements in space from metaphysically distinct purposive doings initiated by me, the answer is: Nothing" (13).
An important empirical task is to determine whether purposive muddling is better than best practice when elites have reasons to impede progress for their populations.
This all will help me to produce some very purposive research and then help others for such pursuit at my own institutions".
In India, today, it has a unprecedented status as a potent and purposive instrument for speedy social engineering.
In the United States, courts have been divided between the new-textualist and purposive approaches to statutory interpretation, although currently the new-textualist approach appears to dominate.
Intention and Motor Representation in Purposive Action, STEPHEN A.
First engaging with the three strategies of theoretical, purposeful, and purposive sampling, the initial chapters use three cases to illustrate the empiricism of grounded theory and theoretical sampling from the traditions of positivism to constructivism, the practicality and judgments of the researcher implementing purposeful sampling strategies, and the interpretive analytic induction of theoretical or purposive sampling, with examples of these methodologies in practice.