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1. Having or serving a purpose.
2. Purposeful: purposive behavior.

pur′po·sive·ly adv.
pur′po·sive·ness n.


1. relating to, having, or indicating conscious intention
2. serving a purpose; useful
ˈpurposively adv
ˈpurposiveness n


(ˈpɜr pə sɪv)

1. having or acting with a purpose or intention.
2. serving some purpose.
3. determined; resolute.
pur′pos•ive•ly, adv.
pur′pos•ive•ness, n.
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Adj.1.purposive - having or showing or acting with a purpose or design; "purposive behavior"
nonrandom - not random
2.purposive - having a purpose; "purposive behavior"
purposeful - serving as or indicating the existence of a purpose or goal


adj remark, statement, action, behaviourgezielt; the purposive use of scientific progressder gezielte Einsatz des wissenschaftlichen Fortschritts; to be purposiveeinen Zweck verfolgen
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In particular, a set of efficient geological and technical measures aimed at improving the impact of productive deposits, improving the mode of operation of wells, including their underground and major repair, transfer of wells to gaslift is purposively implemented in the industry.
Typically, grounded theorists purposively select participants who they believe can offer valuable insight into the topic under study (Morse 2007; Sbaraini et al.
The study was conducted in eight purposively selected parishes out of the nineteen in Kawempe division, one of the five divisions in Kampala district.
This study adopted quantitative research method and purposively selected 36 out of 43 listed construction companies (29 Shariah-compliant, 7 Shariah non-compliant) to be assessed with other KLSE sectors.
IPA requires purposively selected samples to follow the qualitative paradigm in general (Smith et al.
If the court holds that the ACA means what it plainly and purposively says, then billions of dollars have been disbursed through federal exchanges contrary to the law.
Perched on rude plinths that loom purposively, like outcroppings of Valkyrie rock, these extraterrestrial creatures give valuable lessons in how to be tiny, how to be strange, how to ignore the living, and how to be a reflective artist who runs away from the expected and the readily comprehensible.
The study was conducted in ICUs across three purposively selected hospitals of one private sector hospital group.
Fourthly, we must organise British industry so that it applies the results of scientific research more purposively to our national production effort.
The variety of philosophical themes on which he has written and the diversity of philosophers that he has studied seriously, show how he purposively avoided being castled in just one field or author.
Objective: The Climate Change Commission and other key stakeholders in the Philippines implement the National Climate Change Strategy and the Climate Change Action Plan to adapt to climate change and reduce national greenhouse gas emissions efficiently and purposively.
Two community development blocks namely, Sipajhar and Pachim Mangaldai were purposively selected.