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A reddish crystalline anthraquinone derivative, C14H8O5, that is isolated from madder root for use as a biological stain and commercial dye.

[Latin purpura, purple; see purple + -in.]


(Elements & Compounds) a red crystalline compound used as a stain for biological specimens; 1,2,4-trihydroxyanthraquinone. Formula: C14H5O2(OH)3
[C19: from Latin purpura purple + -in]
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Mauveine--variously recorded as"Rosolan, Violet paste, Chrome violet, Anilin violet, Anilinpurple, Perkins violet, Indisin, Phenamin, Purpurin, Tyralin, Tyrianpurple, [and] Lydin" in Leffman and Beam'sSelect Methods of Food Analysis (1901)--is your secret dimorphism.
com 60 soixante saxonite W2 61 soixante et un extenuations W3 62 soixante-deux index W3 expurgatorius 63 soixante-trois extrapositions W3 64 soixante-quatre penta- Penta/ oxyanthraquinones oxyanthraquinones are organic compounds which have been obtained from purpurin and anthrapurpurin.
Army Research Laboratory, say that they have developed a component for a promising, new lithium-ion battery powered by purpurin, a dye that is derived from the roots of the madder plant.
Washington, December 12 ( ANI ): Researchers including Indian origin scientists have developed a non-toxic and sustainable lithium-ion battery powered by purpurin, a dye extracted from the roots of rose madder plant (Rubia species).