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 (pər-vā′, pûr′vā′)
tr.v. pur·veyed, pur·vey·ing, pur·veys
1. To supply or sell (food, for example).
2. To seek to disseminate: ideas purveyed by political extremists.

[Middle English purveien, from Anglo-Norman purveier, from Latin prōvidēre; see provide.]

pur·vey′ance n.


1. (Historical Terms) history the collection or requisition of provisions for a sovereign
2. rare the act of purveying
3. rare that which is purveyed


(pərˈveɪ əns)

1. the act of purveying.
2. something purveyed, as provisions.
[1225–75; Middle English purvea(u)nce, purvya(u)nce < Old French purveance « Latin prōvidentia. See providence, purvey]
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Noun1.purveyance - the act of supplying something
supplying, provision, supply - the activity of supplying or providing something


[pɜːˈveɪəns] N (frm) → provisión f, suministro m, abastecimiento m


n (form: = sale) → Verkauf m; the purveyance of food to the Navydie Lieferung von Lebensmitteln an die Marine
References in classic literature ?
More potent intoxicants these than any that need licenses for their purveyance, responsible-- see the poets--for no end of human foolishness.
famished upon the sifted meal and distilled water of a prudish purveyance.
The premise for the expansion stemmed from discontent over the seemingly unquestioned purveyance of mainstream cleaning brands, many of which contain harmful chemicals and multiple synthetic additives.
The literature suggests that the mental health community, generally speaking, seeks the purveyance of rights as a means to address the many complex legal, medical and socio-economic issues that pervade the mental health system.
The fact that Jewish alcohol production, purveyance, and consumption was actually built into federal Prohibition law had a profound effect on Jewish attitudes toward Prohibition, and on prohibitionists' attitudes toward Jews" (141).
He was elected as a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council in 1996 and became a minister of purveyance in May, the same year.
The liquor trade may have been a carryover from the old country: "Alcohol production and purveyance was one of the few occupations available to Jews in the crowded and impoverished Pale.
He further claims that, as a matter of public policy, the Government of Quebec has decided not to create a statutory monopoly for the purveyance of alcohol in all circumstances, but to regulate the consumption of alcohol by franchising the right to serve alcohol to designated private-sector actors who meet appropriate standards of sobriety, public health, and good morals.
Theories, regardless of their purveyance, imply that if the theory is true, we should see certain regularities or correlations in the real world.
RIGA--As the debate to extend the hours alcohol purveyance heats up, the Saeima committee on for Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy today announced their support to change the alcohol curfew until 11 p.
Myth Watch would expose and censure the purveyance of false chauvinist historical narratives by governments, political movements and other groups around the world.