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 (pər-vā′, pûr′vā′)
tr.v. pur·veyed, pur·vey·ing, pur·veys
1. To supply or sell (food, for example).
2. To seek to disseminate: ideas purveyed by political extremists.

[Middle English purveien, from Anglo-Norman purveier, from Latin prōvidēre; see provide.]

pur·vey′ance n.


vb (tr)
1. to sell or provide (commodities, esp foodstuffs) on a large scale
2. to publish or make available (lies, scandal, etc)
(Cookery) Scot the food and drink laid on at a wedding reception, etc
[C13: from Old French porveeir, from Latin prōvidēre to provide]



to supply (esp. food or provisions), usu. as a business.
[1250–1300; Middle English purveien < Anglo-French purveier « Latin prōvidēre to foresee, provide for. See provide]
pur•vey′or, n.


Past participle: purveyed
Gerund: purveying

I purvey
you purvey
he/she/it purveys
we purvey
you purvey
they purvey
I purveyed
you purveyed
he/she/it purveyed
we purveyed
you purveyed
they purveyed
Present Continuous
I am purveying
you are purveying
he/she/it is purveying
we are purveying
you are purveying
they are purveying
Present Perfect
I have purveyed
you have purveyed
he/she/it has purveyed
we have purveyed
you have purveyed
they have purveyed
Past Continuous
I was purveying
you were purveying
he/she/it was purveying
we were purveying
you were purveying
they were purveying
Past Perfect
I had purveyed
you had purveyed
he/she/it had purveyed
we had purveyed
you had purveyed
they had purveyed
I will purvey
you will purvey
he/she/it will purvey
we will purvey
you will purvey
they will purvey
Future Perfect
I will have purveyed
you will have purveyed
he/she/it will have purveyed
we will have purveyed
you will have purveyed
they will have purveyed
Future Continuous
I will be purveying
you will be purveying
he/she/it will be purveying
we will be purveying
you will be purveying
they will be purveying
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been purveying
you have been purveying
he/she/it has been purveying
we have been purveying
you have been purveying
they have been purveying
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been purveying
you will have been purveying
he/she/it will have been purveying
we will have been purveying
you will have been purveying
they will have been purveying
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been purveying
you had been purveying
he/she/it had been purveying
we had been purveying
you had been purveying
they had been purveying
I would purvey
you would purvey
he/she/it would purvey
we would purvey
you would purvey
they would purvey
Past Conditional
I would have purveyed
you would have purveyed
he/she/it would have purveyed
we would have purveyed
you would have purveyed
they would have purveyed
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Verb1.purvey - supply with provisions
furnish, provide, supply, render - give something useful or necessary to; "We provided the room with an electrical heater"


1. communicate, publish, spread, pass on, transmit, make available He accused me of purveying `silly gossip' about practices in schools.
2. supply, provide, sell, retail, provision, cater, trade in, deal in, furnish, victual two restaurants that purvey Indonesian food


[pɜːˈveɪ] VT (frm) → proveer, suministrar, abastecer


vt (form) (= sell)verkaufen; to purvey something to somebody (= supply)jdm etw liefern; food alsojdn mit etw beliefern; information alsojdn mit etw versorgen
References in classic literature ?
Then I decline to interfere," said the Governor, with asperity; "a man who abuses his office by making it serve a private end and purvey a personal advantage is unfit to be free.
But this is my counsel,' said the Archbishop, 'that we let purvey ten knights, men of good fame, and they to keep the sword.
I tell thee,'' said De Bracy, ``that I mean to purvey me a wife after the fashion of the tribe of Benjamin; which is as much as to say, that in this same equipment I will fall upon that herd of Saxon bullocks, who have this night left the castle, and carry off from them the lovely Rowena.
The first Wiclifite translation was hasty and rather rough, and it was soon revised and bettered by a certain John Purvey, one of the 'Lollard' priests.
In marriage, the man is supposed to provide for the support of the woman, the woman to make the home agreeable to the man; he is to purvey, and she is to smile.
This is a band that purveys dark-themed, black-humored electro-pop that's both bracing and expertly crafted, and those are the perfect ingredients for the holiday.
In addition to lobster, the shop purveys gorgeous fresh fish from cold waters well north of Florida as well as bounty from the Gulf of Mexico.
The retail business purveys fresh seafood, gourmet grocery items, gifts, prime beef, wines, and branded fresh/frozen goods manufactured on the premises.
Golden Calf purveys high-quality Chinese and American antiques at 86 North Sixth Street.
purveys ground beef, chicken, turkey and tofu versions of the sloppy joe priced from $3.
However, as a resident of 10 years I cannot agree with the blatant commentary on the alleged Ned culture which purveys the housing scheme.
This is the essence of romantic love as our folklore unwittingly purveys it.