push ahead

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w>push ahead

visich ranhalten (inf), → voranmachen (inf); to push ahead with one’s plansseine Pläne vorantreiben
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During a meeting with Kobler, Shoukry reviewed Egypt's efforts exerted over the last year aimed to maintain stability in Libya and support the Libyan people to push ahead the political process and reach a political agreement in order to form a government of national unity, said spokesman for Egyptian Foreign Ministry.
Global Banking News-November 3, 2014--Chinese central bank deputy says China will push ahead with capital account opening
Sayed Tayoun said the group has approved plans to push ahead with expansions to benefit from sharp growth in the emirate's tourism sector, adding that Abu Dhabi is in the midst of a boom in the hospitality and tourism sector.
End users might baulk at the cost of ULSD, and if regulated markets continue to push ahead with emissions mandates, the Middle East could find itself in a perpetual struggle to catch up.
On Thursday, Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar reiterated her country's determination to push ahead with the building of the gas pipeline, adding that Mr.
The Echo understands that so far the Blues have found no major issues and will push ahead with their bid to sign Naismith, ahead of Stoke City, West Brom and West Ham who are waiting in the wings should talks break down.
China underlined willingness to push ahead with vigorous efforts to reach a peaceful settlement to the crisis in Syria, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Weimin said.
Tess takes advantage of her absence to push ahead with her career.
A senior member of the small opposition New Komeito party said Sunday it is hard to support bills related to a fiscal 2011 budget, clouding the path for Prime Minister Naoto Kan's ruling bloc to push ahead with the bills in the divided parliament.
Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran's Foreign Minister and Atomic Energy Agency head, moved to undermine the scheme just two days after its approval, announcing that Iran would push ahead with developing its own plants to enrich uranium, rather than opting to use the fuel bank.
Summary: The coalition will push ahead with its "Big Society" agenda next week by unveiling plans for communities to take over local services.
Pompey administrator Andrew Andronikou has said he will push ahead with an application anyway.