push out

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Verb1.push out - push to thrust outward
push, force - move with force, "He pushed the table into a corner"

w>push out

vt sep
(lit)hinausschieben; (quickly, violently) → hinausstoßen; to push somebody/something out of somethingjdn/etw aus etw schieben/stoßen; to push one’s way out (of something)sich (aus etw) hinausdrängen ? boat N a
(fig) employee, government, member of grouphinausdrängen; to push somebody out of somethingjdn aus etw drängen
(Bot) root, shootstreiben
vi (Bot: roots, shoots) → treiben
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A takedown is worth two points, making it more valuable than a point for the push out or a penalty point.
Sullivan, for instance, suggests that OEMs work with a supplier that offers flexible delivery options such as JIT, rush deliveries, third party drop ships, Kanban (for very short turnaround for ongoing requirements), as well as pull-ins or push outs (without the hassle of unnecessary, additional charges).