push out

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Verb1.push out - push to thrust outward
push, force - move with force, "He pushed the table into a corner"

w>push out

vt sep
(lit)hinausschieben; (quickly, violently) → hinausstoßen; to push somebody/something out of somethingjdn/etw aus etw schieben/stoßen; to push one’s way out (of something)sich (aus etw) hinausdrängen ? boat N a
(fig) employee, government, member of grouphinausdrängen; to push somebody out of somethingjdn aus etw drängen
(Bot) root, shootstreiben
vi (Bot: roots, shoots) → treiben
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A takedown is worth two points, making it more valuable than a point for the push out or a penalty point.
Bob Akins, Cymer's chairman and chief executive officer, noted, "The expected shortfall in our second quarter revenue is attributable primarily to the push out of krypton fluoride (KrF) light sources that we had expected to ship during the current quarter into subsequent quarters.
Sullivan, for instance, suggests that OEMs work with a supplier that offers flexible delivery options such as JIT, rush deliveries, third party drop ships, Kanban (for very short turnaround for ongoing requirements), as well as pull-ins or push outs (without the hassle of unnecessary, additional charges).