push up

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Verb1.push up - push upward
push, force - move with force, "He pushed the table into a corner"
uplift - lift up or elevate
boost up - push upward; "She pushed up her children when the policeman came by"
2.push up - push upward; "The front of the trains that had collided head-on thrust up into the air"
jut, jut out, protrude, stick out, project - extend out or project in space; "His sharp nose jutted out"; "A single rock sticks out from the cliff"
thrust - force (molten rock) into pre-existing rock

w>push up

vt sep
(lit)hinaufschieben; (quickly, violently) → hinaufstoßen; windowhochschieben/-stoßen ? daisy
(fig: = raise, increase) → hochtreiben, hochdrücken
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According to expert, many avoid push ups because they think it can be difficult- but you will reap benefits by doing them.
Once you are comfortable with both the push up and the squat, combine the two to do the burpee-used by every athlete and soldier in the world to improve both muscular strength and endurance.
LAHORE -- Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab on Prison,Ch Arshad Saeed has said that push ups of Imran Khan got converted into 'push-downs' and his politics have suffered major setbacks.