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intr.v. puss·y·foot·ed, puss·y·foot·ing, puss·y·foots
1. To move stealthily or cautiously.
2. Informal To act or proceed cautiously or timidly to avoid committing oneself.

puss′y·foot′er n.


behaving in an excessively cautious way
the action of behaving in an excessively too cautious way
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The new man at the top of the Northumbria force certainly wasn't pussyfooting around in his first major interview since taking over the reins.
Why can't the world not be honest and say what is plainly true instead of pussyfooting around the edge of the truth while trying to avoid offending the guilty and upsetting the politically sensitive.
Stop pussyfooting around by getting caught up in should-have or what-if thinking.
C5's Autopsy spending an hour pussyfooting around the question: "Is OJ Simpson a murderer?
I propose the United States stop pussyfooting around and colonize the Middle East.
We do need a complete change of policy from top to bottom from Government whoever gets in next time, be strong and stop pussyfooting around Make UK great again.
Cyprus needs to be resolved and the United Nations must stop pussyfooting around.
5) in his criticism of General Synod's pusillanimous pussyfooting around the infamous issue of same-sex marriage (marriage is the sacramental union of one man and one woman; same-sex variants will require a new name of their own) and the blessing of such relationships by the church.
And what I now know is that as a nation we cannot keep pussyfooting around issues of culture, race or religion for fear of offending people.
And of course "call me Dave" is now pussyfooting around on the huge issue of Europe and our part, if any, in its future.
It's time to stop pussyfooting - start a cull of these birds from our towns and cities.
I do not believe the President is pussyfooting about anything.