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 (pŭs′chə-lər, pŭs′tyə-)
Of, relating to, or consisting of pustules.


(ˈpʌs tʃə lər)

1. of, pertaining to, or of the nature of pustules.
2. characterized by or covered with pustules.
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Acrodermatitis continua of Hallopeau is a painful, localised, pustular form of psoriasis which often leads to nail deformity.
All of the peafowl chicks suffering from dry pox showed pustular and nodular lesions on eyelids, beak, legs, and toes.
Color atlas and synopsis of blistering & pustular diseases.
SAN ANTONIO--Infliximab appears to be a valuable treatment for long-term management of pustular psoriasis, Dr.
EGFR inhibitor-associated rashes can be maculopapular, follicular, or pustular in nature (Eaby et al.
BenzaClin is a ubiquitous benzoyl peroxide gel for mild to moderate acne and may suffice in lieu of oral antibiotics in mild papular, pustular acne.
There are diseases affecting ethnic hair and scalp related to grooming habits or other etiologies including but not limited to alopecias caused by physical/chemical agents (traumatic, follicular degeneration--hot comb, central centrifugal, traction) and infectious/inflammatory (acne keloidalis, folliculitis, dissecting cellulites, pustular dermatosis, tinea capitis, alopecia areata).
Besides the "apres Blair" stage does not seem to hold out much promise ( New Old Labour might prove to be even more poisonously pustular than Old New Labour.
63 Sometimes by competition with itself, ornament when acting in a critical vacuum, becomes overripe, creating decorative nightmares of intricacy or overblown pustular monsters.
A skin biopsy of one of the pustular lesions showed neutrophils within the deep reticular dermis in an interstitial pattern consistent with unusual folliculitis reaction of Behcet's syndrome.
From the comfort of their parents' homes they lived the lie of being the unofficial members of Oasis, loaded, sorted and about as attractive as pustular acne.