put differently

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Adv.1.put differently - otherwise stated; "in other words, we are broke"
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Put differently, the debates that concern the lives of the Copts could be brought to the fore in a consistent manner because of the everyday individual needs and personal interactions of the members of the Coptic community, and not only as a result of a "human duty" performed by its leader.
Put differently, US support for a military campaign that is inflicting extreme hardship on civilians provides an awkward counterpoint to the Obama administration's stated commitment to stand up for the region's oppressed people.
Put differently, there are now approximately 486,000 same-sex marriages in the U.
Put differently, the LGBT population is like America, in which economic marginalization is widespread, but even more so.
Put differently, the GCC Arab leaders in particular feared that a West-Iran deal would leave them vulnerable.
Put differently, we learn from what we do not know, if the mind is open, the heart is welcoming and the soul is aligned.
Put differently, ordinary Americans seeking livable wages, affordable prescriptions, high-quality education or an end to catastrophic climate change are consigned to second-class status in Washington, D.
Put differently, the deal price values Advent standalone at 17x our adjusted EBITDA estimates for 2015.
Put differently, the prime minister--fortunately--lacked sufficient support in parliament for his assault on democratic norms.
Put differently, rarely do consumers buy a sandwich because of the bread and garnish; it's what's in the middle that defines a sandwich.
Put differently, the partial reinforcement approach may be a strategy for managing medications that have nearly as much risk as they do benefit.
Put differently, mortgage rates that remain low by historical standards are likely to be an important factor underlying ongoing recovery in the housing market and, by extension, the economy overall.