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Adv.1.pyramidically - in a pyramidal manner or shape; "the bush was trimmed pyramidically"
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The entire apparatus of presidentialism operates in and around the presidential, male, body: "The distance pyramidically installed between the people's general and 'disorderly' interests and the president's judicious distillation of their (singular) interest delivers the president to the nation as a purified body, a man in but not of a body" (Nelson 1998, 218, emphasis in original).
Regarding this vault, by observing its rise from the level of the ground, I have been forced to divide it into three vaults, which relate to the windows which are below divided by pilasters; and you see that they go pyramidically into the centre of the summit of the vault, as also do the base and sides of the same vaults.
Around the world organised sport is structured pyramidically, with the universal organisations for each sport, such as FIFA for football and the IOC for Olympic sports, at the top.