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 (pīr′hē-lē-ŏm′ĭ-tər, pĭr′-)
Any of various devices that measure the intensity of solar radiation received at the earth.


(General Physics) an instrument for measuring the intensity of the sun's radiant energy
pyrheliometric adj


(ˌpaɪər hi liˈɒm ɪ tər, ˌpɪr-)

an instrument for measuring the total intensity of the sun's energy radiation.


an instrument for measuring the intensity of the sun’s radiation. — pyrheliometric, adj.
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an instrument for measuring the intensity of the sun’s radiation. — pyrheliometric, adj.
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ASTM, 2005: Standard test method for calibration of a pyranometer using a pyrheliometer.
DNI is measured with a first-class pyrheliometer, whereas DIF is measured with a first-class pyranometer with low thermal imbalance and equipped with a tracking shade to permanently block the sun within a subtended cone roughly equal to that of the pyrheliometer's field of view.
Even for solar collectors, depending on the type of concentrator, either a pyranometer or a pyrheliometer is needed for accurate measurement of the received energy.
Pyranometer or pyrheliometer is used to measure solar radiation.
Tenders are invited for For Supply Of Pyranometer, Pyrheliometer, Sun Tracker, Data Logger
The "apparent" clear-sky solar transmission (AT) is calculated from the ratio of direct-beam broadband irradiance measurements from a pyrheliometer using fixed atmospheric paths (Ellis and Pueschel 1971).
They measured the angular transmittance and reflectance of both fabrics and draperies with a pyrheliometer.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Pyranometer And Pyrheliometer Including Solar Tracking System
1 GHz mW), sensitivity >-5 dBZ at 300-m range Parsivel Optical Attenuation Time and degree disdrometer by disdrometer of a diode- of attenuation gives OTT, Germany maintained information on fall (Apr 2013) "light sheet" velocity and size of during passage particle of a falling particle Shortwave Pyranometer, See Pyranometer: high and longwave pyrheliometer, atmospheric quality, secondary radiation and variables standards, sun sensors by pyrgeometers tracker blocks Kipp and direct sunlight Zonen, Netherlands Oan 2011) Sun photometer Multichannel Spectral AERONET by CIMEL radiometer radiance at instrument.