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A brass-colored mineral, FeS2, occurring widely and used as an iron ore and in producing sulfur dioxide for sulfuric acid. Also called fool's gold, iron pyrites.

[Middle English perides, pirite, from Old French pirite, from Latin pyrītēs, flint; see pyrites.]

py·rit′ic (-rĭt′ĭk), py·rit′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
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In the deposit area, three mineralization styles are recognized from the drilling completed to date: breccia hosted mineralization characterized by jigsaw, crackle and matrix supported breccias; shear hosted mineralization characterized by well-developed pyritic disseminations and stringers; and irregular pyrite-quartz-carbonate veins which locally carry high gold grades.
y y hed l t The Finance (Local Property Tax) Act a 2012 provides for a temporary exemption of at least three years from Local Property Tax for homes with "significant pyritic damage".
Hole MDX-13-38, testing a second target 1,500 metres to the north of hole 39, intersected a 16-metre-wide interval of pyritic mudstone with locally anomalous copper, lead, zinc and silver values.
coals, the two-stage circuitry was shown to be capable of doubling the rejection of mineral matter and pyritic sulfur with minimal loss of heating value.
CSIRO is also developing a thiosulfate-based process for the recovery of gold from pyritic ores and for the in-situ or in-place leaching of gold from ores," Breuer said.
3), suggesting that the modified Starkey medium is adequate for the bioleaching of pyritic dredged spoils.
Their occurrence is usually attributed to reaction between pyritic and/or organically bonded Fe and Ca with newly formed sulphates (Allen et al.
The spoil piles surrounding the pit are comprised mostly of pyritic shale, which is responsible for the creation of sulfuric acid at the site.
At the Contact Zone, gold occurs at the fault contact between pyritic, altered hydrothermal breccias and pyritic silicified and altered Pre-Cambrian sediments.
Two distinct but genetically and spatially associated styles of lode mineralization exist: 1) gold-bearing pyritic quartz veins, and 2) gold-bearing pyritic replacement bodies.
Rio Tinto within the Pyrite Belt in the Southwest almost appeared to be the unique centre of copper production in ancient times within the whole of the Iberian Peninsula, but other mines in this pyritic ensemble (i.
Tha data in Table 1 show that the sample of Krasava oil shale contains relatively much carbon dioxide and pyritic sulphur.