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 (pī′rō-kăt′ĭ-kôl′, -kŏl′, -kōl′)
A biologically important phenol, C6H6O2, having two hydroxyl groups attached to the benzene ring, used in dyeing, tanning, photography, and as an antiseptic. Also called catechol.


(ˌpaɪrəʊˈkætɪˌtʃɒl; -kɒl) or


(Elements & Compounds) another name for catechol


(ˈkæt ɪˌkɔl, -ˌkɒl)

a colorless, crystalline derivative of benzene, C6H6O2, used chiefly in photography, for dyeing, and as a reagent.
Also called pyrocatechol.
[1875–80; catech (u) + -ol1]
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4 various phenolic substances such as pyrogallol, pyrocatechol, 1,2,4-benzenetriol, and catechin, as well as polyphenol rich extracts of tea and coffee, generated significant amounts of [H.
For determination of niobium in the steel proposed several methods based on the use of complexes of Nb (V) c tetrazolium salts and poly-phenols (4-nitropirokatehin, 2,3-dihydroxynaph-thalene and pyrocatechol [9].
Structure activity relationship of phenolic compounds (phenole, pyrocatechol and hydroquinone) on natural lymphocytotoxicity of cartpCyprinuscarpio.
graecum tubers and leaves were determined as pyrocatechol equivalents.
However, Kozlov (1964) used pyrocatechol instead of pyrogallol for peroxidase assay.
Such chemicals include hydroxychavicol, chavibetol, piperbetol, arecoline, carvacrol, caryophyllene, piperitol, eugenol, isoeugenol, allyl pyrocatechol, chavicol, safrole, anethole, betasitosterol, beta-sitosteryl palmitate, dotriacontanoic acid, tritriacontane, piperine, piperlonguminine, chavibetol acetate, estragole, piperols A and B, and pyrocatechol diacetate (Zeng et al.
Table 1: PPD Makes Many Hair Shades Possible Compound Brown Red Blonde Blue-Grays p-aminophenol x x x o-aminophenol x x x 2-nitro-ppd x x 4-nitro-ppd x x x m-phenyldiamine x x x pyrocatechol x x resorcinol x x x p-tolylenediamine x x x pyrogallol x x x x
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We measured TUP by the benzethonium chloride and biuret method with the Hitachi 917 analyzer and by the modified biuret and pyrocatechol violet dry-chemistry method with the Vitros 250 analyzer (Johnson & Johnson).
Allergic contact dermatitis has been reported and four allergenic compounds have been characterized as pyrocatechol derivatives, but not fully identified, from different extracts of this plant and from L.