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He comes here as the emissary of an even more dangerous man, a political pyromaniac, racist and misogynist who must be prevented from taking control of our region," Odeh stated, adding that "The entire Arab List will boycott his speech.
Sometimes NASA conducts experiments that would make a pyromaniac drool.
Tony Martin's Pyromaniac is sure to be popular following his unlucky last-gasp defeat at the hands of stablemate Quick Jack on Irish Champions Weekend.
Coral: 6 St Michel, 8 Starchitect, 10 Pyromaniac, Sweet Selection, 12 Sea Of Heaven, 16 Blue Rambler, Golden Spear, Jennies Jewel, Magic Circle, Oriental Fox, Star Rider, 20 bar.
Tony Martin has been to the High Court to allow Pyromaniac to take his place in the big race and, with the trainer having won it for the last two seasons, the hint should be strongly taken.
THE Tony Martintrained Pyromaniac, recently banned for 42 days, has been give then all-clear to run in Thursday's Guinness Galway Hurdle.
A PYROMANIAC who destroyed an Aberfan chapel has been jailed to protect the public from his love of starting fires.
There's Vickie, her cellmate and a pyromaniac (Erin Anderson), Barbara the cannibal (played by writer-director Jillian Armenante), and Jeanine the ax murderer (Rebecca Field).
But Old Australia is like The Wind In The Willows crossed with a Western: there are no people, but harmony is in short supply as a gold-prospecting, pyromaniac wombat called Jack soon leaves Albert with a bounty on his head and a crazed possum, deceitful wallaby and pack of dingoes on his tail.
By the time I got to reading the English version I was past the sign and nearly hit a traffic warden sharpening his pencil with the glee of a pyromaniac in a fireworks factory.
The Syrian regime is a pyromaniac that has never hesitated to cause problems for Lebanon, Jordan or Iraq.
While the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists pyromania as a disorder, a true pyromaniac is extremely rare.