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n. pl. py·ro·met·al·lur·gies
An ore-refining process, such as smelting, dependent on the action of heat.

py′ro·met′al·lur′gi·cal (-mĕt′l-ûr′jĭ-kəl) adj.


(ˌpaɪrəʊmɛˈtælədʒɪ; -ˈmɛtəˌlɜːdʒɪ)
(Metallurgy) the branch of metallurgy involving processes performed at high temperatures, including sintering, roasting, smelting, casting, refining, alloying, and heat treatment


(ˌpaɪ rəˈmɛt lˌɜr dʒi)

the process or technique of refining ores with heat, as in roasting or smelting.
py`ro•met`al•lur′gi•cal, adj.
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The major processes to dispose this dust are chemical stabilization, vitrification, pyrometallurgy, and hydrometallurgy.
SOLCRIMET therefore develops a ground-breaking, novel approach called solvometallurgy , a new branch within metallurgy, next to conventional hydro- and pyrometallurgy.
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Celebrating the Megascale: Proceedings of the Extraction and Processing Division Symposium on Pyrometallurgy in Honor of David G.
Process areas covered in these projects have included the use of filter presses for concentrate dewatering, filtering lixivants in hydrometallurgical plants, dewatering slurries from off-gas treatment in pyrometallurgy, and the recovery of metals through electrolysis.
The plenary session was followed by sessions on nickel laterite hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, solid-state processing and smelting in pyrometallurgy, ores and processing, applications and recycling, and nickel and cobalt hydrometallurgy.
In: Process Mineralogy XII - Applications to Environment, Preciuos Metals, Mineral Beneficiation, Pyrometallurgy, Coal y Refractories (W.
This will include: froth flotation; bid and hydrometallurgy; pyrometallurgy and environmental aspects of nickel and smelting.
These talks are spread across a variety of 12 concurrent technical sessions relating to such topics as hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, process control and green technologies.
This volume presents 32 papers from the "International Peirce-Smith Converting Centennial Symposium," which was organized by the Pyrometallurgy Committee of the Extraction and Processing Division of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society for the purpose of addressing the history and current status of the Peirce-Smith converter and other topics in copper and nickel converting.
Pyrometallurgy (copper smelters--recovers the energy value of epoxy, recovers metals and uses glass as flux).
Mintek's manager: pyrometallurgy, Tom Curr, notes: "These types of waste materials are produced at zinc plants all over the world and constitute serious environmental risk as they are generally stockpiled in tailings dams.