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n. (used with a sing. verb)
1. The art of manufacturing or setting off fireworks. Also called pyrotechny.
2. A fireworks display.
3. A brilliant display, as of rhetoric or wit, or of virtuosity in the performing arts.

py′ro·tech′nist n.


1. (Chemistry) (functioning as singular) the art or craft of making fireworks
2. (Theatre) (functioning as singular or plural) a firework display
3. (functioning as singular or plural) brilliance of display, as in the performance of music: keyboard pyrotechnics.
Also called: pyrotechny
ˌpyroˈtechnic, ˌpyroˈtechnical adj


(ˌpaɪ rəˈtɛk nɪks)

n. (used with a sing. or pl. v.)
1. the art of making fireworks.
2. the use of fireworks for display, military purposes, etc.
3. a display of fireworks.
4. a brilliant or sensational display, as of rhetoric or musicianship.
Also, py′ro•tech`ny (for defs. 1,2).
py`ro•tech′nic, adj.

pyrotechnics, pyrotechny

1. the art of making and using fireworks.
2. a brilliant and dazzling display, as of eloquence, wit, virtuosity, etc. — pyrotechnic, pyrotechnical, adj.
See also: Fireworks
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Noun1.pyrotechnics - (music) brilliance of display (as in the performance of music)pyrotechnics - (music) brilliance of display (as in the performance of music)
genius, brilliance - unusual mental ability
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
2.pyrotechnics - the craft of making fireworkspyrotechnics - the craft of making fireworks  
craft, trade - the skilled practice of a practical occupation; "he learned his trade as an apprentice"
عَرْض الألعاب الناريَّه
havaî fişekçilik


[ˌpaɪərəʊˈteknɪks] NSINGpirotecnia f


n singPyrotechnik f; (pl: = display) → Feuerwerk nt; a display of pyrotechnics (lit, fig)ein Feuerwerk nt


[ˌpaɪrəʊˈtɛknɪks] n
a. (sg) (Phys) → pirotecnica
b. (pl, fireworks display) → spettacolo msg pirotecnico


(pairəˈtekniks) noun plural
(a display of) fireworks.
References in classic literature ?
As he glanced from Jo to several other young people, attracted by the brilliancy of the philosophic pyrotechnics, he knit his brows and longed to speak, fearing that some inflammable young soul would be led astray by the rockets, to find when the display was over that they had only an empty stick or a scorched hand.
They watched from the crest of Bun Hill, from which they had so often surveyed the pyrotechnics of the Crystal Palace.
Tonight 8pm: Smart Pyrotechnics (2014 champions) 8:30pm: The Fireworkers Tomorrow 8pm: Fantastic Fireworks 8:30pm: Midnight Storm Fireworks 9pm: SelStar Fireworks Sunday 8pm: Brightfire Pyrotechnics 8:30pm: F1 Pyrotechnics Fireworks to music.
IT was an entrepreneurial idea that began in earnest in Chris Pearce's garden shed almost three decades ago, and has developed into the world's best in the field of advanced pyrotechnics.
INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY & PRODUCT DEFINITIONS Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1 Disclaimers I-2 Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2 Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3 Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3 Blasting Agents I-3 Ammonium Nitrate-Fuel Oil (ANFO) I-4 Water Explosives I-4 Propellants I-4 Pyrotechnics I-4 Other Explosives I-4 II.
Expressions of interest for Ammunition and Pyrotechnics in Support of the United Nations.
To watch the pyrotechnics display, more than one million people gathered at the harbour foreshore.
The Premier League said in a statement: "A disturbing element of increased pyrotechnics has been the involvement of children.
New York, May 31 ( ANI ): Emails shown at court during the Michael Jackson trial reveal that the tragic pop star raised concerns about the safety of stage pyrotechnics during his doomed 'This Is It' tour.
They are thought to be Elissandro Spohr, a co-owner of the club and two band members who were on stage when the fire broke out and used pyrotechnics in their act.
They are thought to be Elissandro Spohr, a co-owner of the club, and two band members who were on stage when the fire broke out and used pyrotechnics in their act.
The fire early Sunday morning at a nightclub in southern Brazil that has claimed more than 230 lives is another reminder of the terrible risks that come with large crowds, confined spaces, and reckless use of pyrotechnics.