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(Currencies) a variant spelling of qindar



also qin•dar


n., pl. -tars, -tar also -dars, -dar.
a monetary unit of Albania, equal to 1/100 of the lek.
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Noun1.qintar - 100 qindarka equal 1 lek in Albania
Albanian monetary unit - monetary unit in Albania
lek - the basic unit of money in Albania
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The source added that many of the dead terrorists were of non-Syrian nationalities, among them were terrorist Shadhan al-Boubi, of the Egyptian nationality, Saif Allah Muneirovich from Chechnya, Sdallah Koran and Khaled Izzo Mohammad from Morocco, Mohammad Waled al-Safi from Lebanon, in addition to terrorists Adnan Khaled Qintar, Mousab Mohammad Qintar, Moafaq Qintar, Khaled Jimmo, Mohammad Waled Qasmo, Rajab al-Laj and Samer al-Laj.
The songs were composed by Isam Karika, Talal Qintar and Khalil Muhammad.
Terrorists eliminated in Idlib countryside An Armed Forces unit targeted a terrorist group in the village of Ein Laroud in Jabal al-Zawiye area in Idlib countryside, injuring a number of terrorists and killing others including Mustafa Anas al-Hammoud, Shban Mahmoud Qintar, Nawras Qintar, Abu Taha al-Halabi, Khaled al-Rajjoub, and Mohammad Zeno.
According to local reports, the body of Hussein Qintar was found on a roadside on Monday near the region of Anadan the point where he had been kidnapped the night before.
On the same day of 1979, Dean of Prisoners, Sameer Al- Qintar was detained.