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quack 1

The characteristic sound uttered by a duck.
intr.v. quacked, quack·ing, quacks
To utter the characteristic sound of a duck.

[Middle English quek, of imitative origin.]

quack′y adj.

quack 2

1. An untrained person who pretends to be a physician and dispenses medical advice and treatment.
2. A charlatan; a mountebank.
Relating to or characteristic of a quack: a quack cure.
intr.v. quacked, quack·ing, quacks
To act as a medical quack or a charlatan.

[Short for quacksalver.]

quack′er·y n.
quack′ish adj.
quack′ish·ly adv.


adj, quackier or quackiest
1. sounding like a quack
2. informal characterized by quackery
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Then there are other regular items that appear, like the Big Red Boat, the Quacky Birds, the Fruit Tea Machine and The Very Important Lady.
To those of you who've sent me questions for the 164 Q&A columns I wrote; together, we answered nearly 1,500 questions about this quirky and quacky place we all love - well, most of the time.
Our quacky little friends can largely take care of themselves, but days of torrential downpours meant that those of us hoping to see Frankel deliver a performance worthy of the final display of his immense ability were treated beyond all expectation.