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also quad·ri·phon·ic  (kwŏd′rə-fŏn′ĭk)
Of or for a four-channel sound system in which speakers are positioned at all four corners of the listening space, reproducing signals that are independent of each other.

qua·draph′o·ny (kwŏ-drăf′ə-nē) n.


or quad•ri•phon•ic

(ˌkwɒd rəˈfɒn ɪk)

of or pertaining to the recording, reproduction, or transmission of sound by means of four channels instead of two; four-channel.
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Adj.1.quadraphonic - of or relating to quadraphony; "his quadraphonic sound system"


[ˌkwɒdrəˈfɒnɪk] ADJcuatrifónico


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He spent a further pounds 200,000 turning the second floor into a private ballroom, complete with 75ft sprung dance floor and quadraphonic sound system.
Powered by the ThunderBird Q3D(TM) DSP, the Seismic Edge surrounds users with true quadraphonic playback of any game, music and movie - even simple two-channel sources deliver high impact 3-D sound using two, three or four speakers.
Now, the folks at PentaTone have unearthed the original master tapes for a number of these Marriner recordings that were originally done in the Quadraphonic format but never released that way.
quadraphonic speakers for realistic sounds and compatibility with major standards such as SoundBlaster Pro(TM), Windows(TM) Sound System 2.
Influx, Quadraphonic and Honey are jointly presenting dance fans with a spectacularly funky time to remember.
I mentioned a while back that during the early 1970s when Quadraphonic sound was the short-lived rage, companies such as Philips had experimented with the technique but never actually issued much of it in anything but straight two-channel stereo.
With 32 DirectSound(R) hardware streams and quadraphonic HRTF-based "true" four-speaker playback, the Monster Sound MX400 allows consumers to experience incredibly realistic sound effects in PC games, enjoy high fidelity playback of digital music and utilize Dolby Digital(R) PC home theater features for enhanced audio in DVD movies.
About half the stuff PentaTone have released so far has been newly made, the other material being originally recorded in quadraphonic during the '70s.
In fact, many of the performances are being moved to larger venues to take full advantage of the show's spectacular multi-media light and quadraphonic sound while better accommodating a phenomenal demand for tickets.
However, it looks like everything that goes around comes around, and with the recent introduction of discrete multichannel sound via Dolby Digital, DTS, SACD, and DVD Audio, the Quadraphonic phenomenon is back with us again.
But various multichannel audio standards are still in a state of flux and I don't want to recommend today's equivalent of yesterday's Quadraphonic sound.
Maybe the folks at RCA have finally figured out what to do with all those old quadraphonic recordings they made in the early '70s.