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 (kwŏd′rət, -răt′)
1. Printing A piece of type metal lower than the raised typeface, used for filling spaces and blank lines. Also called quad2.
2. Any of a group of small, usually rectangular plots of land used for sampling the occurrence of species or of archaeological artifacts.

[Middle English, a square geometric instrument, rectangular area; see quadrate.]


1. (Botany) ecology an area of vegetation, often one square metre, marked out for study of the plants in the surrounding area
2. (Environmental Science) the frame used to mark out such an area
[C14 (meaning "a square"): variant of quadrate]


(ˈkwɒd rət)

2. a square or rectangular plot of land marked off for the study of plants and animals.
[1675–85; variant of quadrate]


a plot of land, square or rectangular, marked off or set out for the study of plant or animal life.
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In one quadrat at each site, a soil profile (1 m depth) was excavated and the profile characteristics were recorded.
As seen in the scrape data, crab density estimated by divers in quadrat surveys increased with depth (Wald [chi square] = 12.
After your aperitif, head into the 70-seat Quadrat restaurant where the atmosphere is chilled and relaxed but the standards of service and cuisine remain exceptionally high.
We estimated soil cover (number of filled sub-quadrats) by litter and/or plants in each quadrat by visually estimating a cover percentage and calculating the mean for each pitfall site.
When necessary, quadrats were adjusted to ensure that depth and current velocity were homogenous within the quadrat or to capture a unique habitat type (i.
A month after Conrad's death Peg was helicoptered from the Quadrat to Camp Bastion, then transported in an armoured convoy to the Nowzad dog sanctuary in Kabul and then finally flown to the UK.
2] quadrats were deployed randomly on each sampled reef, and all oysters within each quadrat were collected for determination of the total number of live oysters and of dead oysters with articulated shells, as well as the proportion of dead oysters to the total number of live oysters and dead oysters.
We measured nest vegetation in a single 10 x 10 m quadrat with the nest as the center of the quadrat.
Within each quadrat, team members walked linear transects 50-60m apart collecting artefacts and documenting them on a 'Random Square Data Sheet' and, where deemed appropriate, recording 'sites' on a 'Survey Site Sheet'.
Until November 23 Gunter Tuzina: Das Ander Quadrat und Tondo
During the field studies an inventory of all quadrats was carried out and for each quadrat all alien species as well as habitats were recorded in their exact area.
The dependent variables were: 1) germination success, which was operationally defined as the number of blades of grass counted each day during the study period; 2) growth vigor, which was operationally defined as the height of the tallest blade of grass measured in centimeters in each quadrat during the study period; 3) biomass, which was operationally defined as the total mass of the grass grown in each tray measured in grams.