quadratic polynomial

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Noun1.quadratic polynomial - a polynomial of the second degree
multinomial, polynomial - a mathematical function that is the sum of a number of terms
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The analysis of variance (ANOVA) presented the statistical significance of the fitted quadratic polynomial model (Table.
A quadratic polynomial model was found the best for fitness to mean (y = a + b x GA + c x GA2).
Good agreement between the experimental and predicted values verified the adequacy and the quality of fit of the quadratic polynomial models.
First, as shown in Table 1, the three quadratic polynomial terms are jointly significant.
The examination of the model committee has shown that the best polynomial model approach for the modeling of the specific fuel oil consumption (sfoc) is a stepwise quadratic polynomial with 12 significant model terms.
For fruit mass, the quadratic polynomial model was the most adequate to represent its behavior ([R.
See Bardell (2014a) for a detailed discussion about the analogous case for a quadratic polynomial with complex coefficients--the same reasoning applies to the cubic case.
Our most general parametric model with a quadratic polynomial of age that is fully interacted with the treatment variable can be written as:
The relationship between CWSI and Pn, Tr or gs at noon was described by quadratic polynomial equations.
The quadratic polynomial on latitude and longitude, and the quadratic curves of latitude and longitude with respect to time are fitted based on information about sea surface height, latitude, longitude and time of altimetry point, respectively.
Figure 2(a) and Table 1 clearly indicate that the quadratic polynomial is effective for fitting the g-line for general homogeneous slopes, and its coefficient of determination ([R.