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adj. Mathematics
Of, relating to, or containing quantities of the second degree.

[From quadrate.]

quad·rat′ic n.
quad·rat′i·cal·ly adv.


in a quadratic manner
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10) quadratically with increasing AFE supplementation, and the somatic cell counts of milk was significantly lower (p<0.
2008) who determined the effects of adding different levels of liquid fibrolytic enzyme in lactating cows' diets and observed that enzyme supplementation linearly increased milk protein and quadratically increased milk fat concentrations.
The Cauchy inequality (12) at each moment is quadratically complemented to equality by the determinant of the Gram matrix [8]:
The systems presented in (11) is quadratically stable with unit-energy inputs if and only if there exist a function V and a matrix P that satisfies (13) that decreases along every nonzero trajectory of the linear system [20].
1] (Figure 2B) In the second cut, the mass of stems quadratically fitted to the wastewater doses, and the highest production was 838 kg [ha.
such as the closed loop (1)-(4) is quadratically stable and satisfies the [H.
It can be seen that the friction coefficient decreases quadratically with the temperature.
Shear stress is highest at the mid-height of the beam, and varies quadratically, with a zero shear stress at the top and bottom of the beam.
It's clearly seen that the complexity of binary GCD algorithm depends of the number of bits in the larger of the two numbers (n) which grow quadratically (O([n.
These results agree with those of Prado and Natale (2005), whose work with calcium silicate and passion fruit also showed that the application of silicon increased the height and stem diameter quadratically.
It is clear that the runtime of SigNCD w/ P1 grows quadratically, which is not surprising given the fact that the actual comparisons of documents also grow quadratically.