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 (kwŏd′rĭ-sĕn-tĕn′ə-rē, -sĕn′tə-nĕr′ē)
n. pl. quad·ri·cen·ten·a·ries
A 400th anniversary or celebration.
Of or relating to a span of 400 years or to a 400th anniversary.

[From alteration of Latin quadringentī, quadrigentī, four hundred (on the model of such words as tercentenary); see kwetwer- in Indo-European roots.]
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He suggests that there has been progress over time, for example when he discusses the transformations that make the recent quadricentenaries so different from the commemorations a hundred years ago.
Despite all this, the memory entrepreneurs try to use the quadricentenaries to establish an emotional connection to the early settlements and their physical sites.
They are up against the Canadian government, which opportunistically uses the quadricentenaries to strengthen its economic ties with France (at the Acadians' expense), as well as a hostile and paternalistic Quebec that sees the commemoration of 1604-05 as a threat.