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1. Consisting of or divided into four parts.
2. Involving four participants.


1. divided into or composed of four parts
2. maintained by or involving four participants or groups of participants


(ˌkwɒd rəˈpɑr taɪt)

1. divided into or consisting of four parts.
2. involving four participants.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Latin quadripartītus. See quadri-, partite]
quad`ri•par′tite•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.quadripartite - involving four parties
many-sided, multilateral - having many parts or sides


[ˈkwɒdrɪˈpɑːtaɪt] ADJcuadripartido


adj (Pol, form) → Vierer-; quadripartite talksVierergespräche pl; quadripartite agreementViermächteabkommen nt; the quadripartite division of Berlindie Teilung Berlins in vier Sektoren
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Face au bouleversement de l'equilibre et du rapport de force, l'absence de Poutine a la rencontre parisienne contraste avec le processus de concertation americano-russe qui se decline dans la quadripartite de Vienne.
BAGHDAD / NINA/ The head of the National Coalition (Watania), Iyad Allawi discussed with members of his coalition "ambiguity of quadripartite agreement and the package of reforms.
During the meeting held on the sidelines of the quadripartite ministerial meeting of Iran, Oman, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in Muscat, the Iranian and Omani foreign ministers explored avenues for bolstering and reinvigorating mutual cooperation.
In Vienna, the first district (which was also called the "inner city") was placed under quadripartite control, with the chairmanship changing every month.
beaucoup moins que]Nous sommes dans un gouvernement, dans une alliance conjecturale, quadripartite.
Al-Akhbar, which supports Syria's government, said that Putin suggested the formation of a quadripartite anti-terror alliance that included Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan.
Earlier, the European leaders in the quadripartite format discussed in Brussels the possibility and terms of additional financial aid to Greece.
In a word delivered on the occasion, the Minister called for turning the tripartite partnership among the state, employers, and workers unions into a quadripartite one, including people, since each partnership must serve their interests.
Coined the Quadripartite Model, this overarching framework involves three subclasses, including fear disorders (agoraphobia, panic disorder, social phobia, and specific phobia), distress disorders (dysthymic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, and major depression), and bipolar disorders (bipolar I, bipolar II, and cyclothymia) [47].
According to this article, robbery classification of of the current legislation robbery can be divided into the following quadripartite article 267 Islamic Penal Code, adopted in 2013; robbery is abduction belongs to others.
No doubt, there is an urgent need to evolve new dynamics in India-China relationship but the fate of China-occupied Kashmir-area under the present circumstances can only be decided through quadripartite negotiations where the Kashmiris will also have a voice.
Then the visitor bursts into an incredibly richly adorned courtyard, also designed on a quadripartite basis.

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