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 (kwŏd′rə-pĕd′l, kwŏ-dro͞o′pə-dl) or quad·ru·ped (kwŏd′rə-pĕd′)
1. Having four feet; four-footed.
2. Walking on four feet.

quad′ru·ped′al·ism (-pĕd′l-ĭz′əm) n.
quad′ru·ped′al·ly adj.
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Adj.1.quadrupedal - having four feet
biped, bipedal, two-footed - having two feet
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My Dog-man imperceptibly slipped back to the dog again; day by day he became dumb, quadrupedal, hairy.
It might have been no more than shock and accident; but there was something ungainly and unnatural about the quadrupedal posture and the gaping face.
Seeing him thus quadrupedal in the grass, the priest raised his eyebrows rather sadly; and for the first time guessed that "fancies things" might be an euphemism.
Even the ladies have very much to say of these quadrupedal friends of man, to the no small astonishment of the visitor who, however, in a week finds himself talking as constantly and as confidently of cayuses and bronchos, of corrals and branding and rounding up as a true soul of the plains and not a mere newly arrived tender-foot.
brunswickii from the Red Head Member is a quadrupedal trackway with a manus impression smaller than that of the pes, although very similar in digital proportions and with the pes generally being less distinctly impressed.
This latter paradigm, that has dominated our vision of the evolution of bipedalism since the 1960s, held that because chimpanzees and gorillas move on the ground by quadrupedal horizontal-trunked knuckle-walking, the pre-bipedal ancestor of hominins must also have passed through a terrestrial knuckle-walking phase (e.
Kangaroos, kangaroo rats and jerboas all have a more forward-shifted foramen magnum compared with their quadrupedal (four-legged walking) close relatives.
Washington, July 7 ( ANI ): Researchers have found that bipedal desert rodents are able to co-exist with their quadrupedal counterparts by employing a diverse set of jumps, hops and skips.
A well-known study excluding kangaroo rats from long-term monitoring plots in southeastern Arizona has demonstrated that small, quadrupedal heteromyid and murid species increased in the absence of larger bipedal competitors, while, at the same time, insectivores (Onychomys torridus and O.
Chesterton was at first influenced by Belloc's ideas, but the mutual admiration eventually developed into a friendship and life-long intellectual cooperation which George Bernard Shaw saw as a "most dangerous conspiracy," a quadrupedal chimera he named "Chester-Belloc" This fire-breathing monster with a lion's head attacked many fads and misconceptions, including Shaw's progressive Fabian socialism and evolutionism as well as H.
Born in France, Parkour involves practitioners (called traceurs) training to overcome obstacles in their path by adapting their movements (Typically running, climbing, jumping, vaulting and quadrupedal movement) to the given environment for the purpose of reaching somewhere or something or escaping from someone or something.
The solidly quadrupedal stance of the later giant sauropods, such as Gordo, the ROM's Barosaurus, and the massive Futalognkosaurus, which will be on display during the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition, mirrored the baby proportions of their forebears, an evolutionary phenomenon known as paedomorphosis--adults retaining juvenile traits.