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n. pl. qua·li·a (-lē-ə)
A property, such as whiteness, considered independently from things having the property.

[From Latin quāle, neuter of quālis, of what kind; see quality.]


(ˈkwɑːlɪ; ˈkweɪ-)
n, pl -lia (-lɪə)
(Philosophy) philosophy an essential property or quality
[C17: Latin, neuter singular of qualis of what kind]


(ˈkwɑ li, -leɪ, ˈkweɪ li)

n., pl. -li•a (-li ə)
a quality, as bitterness, regarded as an independent object.
[1665–75; < Latin quāle, neuter singular of quālis of what sort]
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When it came to Race Week's party agenda, there were plenty of functions to consider, like the spectacular Piper-Heidseick Champagne Lunch at Hamilton Island Yacht Club, the Paspaley Pearl Nautique lunch party set in the perfectly groomed surrounds of the beachfront swimming pool at the internationally acclaimed qualia, and the Surf and Turf Dinner where guests were entertained by many humorous 'inside stories' from four well-known Australian Olympians: gold medallists Libby Trickett and Tom Slingsby, plus champions Ky Hurst and Glenn Bourke.
Jan 14, 2015 (SeeNews) - Luxembourg-based Griffin Real Estate is in talks over the purchase of Qualia, the real estate division of Polish bank PKO BP, and a controlling interest in Polish property firm Echo Investment SA (WSE:ECH), insiders told daily Puls Biznesu on Wednesday.
George Crystal, among others--has started a new glassware company called Qualia, a cooperative effort with a Chinese factory that is focused on fashionable glass at an affordable price.
Color qualia inversion scenarios have played a key role in various philosophical debates.
Donald leaves behind to cherish his memory, three loving daughters, Carmen Qualia and her husband Mark of Tucson, AZ, Tracy Pycko and her husband Tony of Belchertown and Brianna Mirabile of Belchertown; his sister, Nora Breen and her husband Phil of New Mexico; his brothers, Mark Mirabile and his wife Carol of Florida, and Richard Mirabile and his wife Jane of Maine.
But, De Rosa suggests, it is in not connecting the relevant dots--here, how the motions and qualia come to be related--that Pessin's account fails to be systematic.
The physicalists argue that the property of consciousness can be completely explained empirically, for example, by the physical or the neurological processes of the brain, while the anti-physicalists argue that there are some properties of consciousness, which physical explanation cannot capture, such as qualia or phenomenal consciousness.
Kivelstadt, Founder and Director of Production, is the owner and winemaker of Qualia Wines (Qualia, Pavo and Dog Daze) with grapes sourced from his family's "Kivelstadt Vineyard".
Philosophical perspectives on consciousness and qualia are presented in 14 reprinted essays and excerpts ranging in time from 1790--just in time for Kant--to the middle 1950s, when behavioralism darkened philosophy for the next decade.
Listen out, too, for her duet with Andrea Bocelli, and the angelic Quanta Qualia.
Sony currently offers a 70-inch QUALIA rear projection set and QUALIA front projector utilizing this SXRD technology.
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