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tr.v. quan·ti·tat·ed, quan·ti·tat·ing, quan·ti·tates
To determine or measure the quantity of.

[Back-formation from quantitative (analysis).]

quan′ti·ta′tion n.


vb (tr)
1. (Biology) to quantify
2. (Medicine) to quantify


(ˈkwɒn tɪˌteɪt)

v.t. -tat•ed, -tat•ing.
to determine the quantity of, esp. with precision.
quan`ti•ta′tion, n.
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Its technology detects and quantitates oncogene mutations in cancer patients for improved disease management.
Sebia's Capillary Electrophoresis efficiently separates and quantitates normal and abnormal hemoglobins.
More than 7000 liters of Delta pesticide have been availed with arrangements made to avail additional quantitates to ensure covering all governorates.
Core features of the system include: the SPD-M30A photodiode array detector, which offers high sensitivity and resolution, achieving a low noise level through the adoption of the total reflection capillary flow cell, high- brightness lamp, and optimized signal processing circuit; the Intelligent Dynamic Range Extension Calcular (iDReC), a iDReC function in the SPD-M30A that extends the dynamic range so low-concentration and high-concentration samples can be analyzed in a single injection; Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis (i-PDeA), which extracts a single peak from co-eluted peaks and quantitates it by exploiting the difference in spectra between each compound; temperature-controlled optics; and automated solvent blending.
The new system quantitates DNA, RNA and protein with accuracy, sensitivity, speed and ease-of-use, the company said.
Transgenomic's platform mitochondrial mutation detection technology will be evaluated and optimised to develop a diagnostic test that evaluates and quantitates the presence of low-level mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variants.
The absolute method quantitates target in unknown samples by measuring CT values and determining starting copy number by means of a standard curve.
The scanner quantitates the calcium densities (and) creates a coronary artery calcium score that has a great consistency with the amount of coronary artery disease present.
The new real-time PCR solution quantitates these nucleic acid impurities in four hours, which is an improvement over methods that deliver slower results with less specificity and sensitivity.
One analyzer even quantitates nucleated red cells, which were previously only flagged.
The Plexor HY System quantitates human and male DNA in a single analysis using the same dilution of DNA standards.
Genomics is the leading developer of single molecule analysis technologies for life science and biodefense applications, with a platform that directly detects and quantitates individual molecules of miRNA, DNA, RNA, and proteins without the need for amplification.