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tr.v. quan·tized, quan·tiz·ing, quan·tiz·es Physics
1. To limit the possible values of (a magnitude or quantity) to a discrete set of values by quantum mechanical rules.
2. To apply quantum mechanics or the quantum theory to.

quan′ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.quantization - the act of dividing into quanta or expressing in terms of quantum theory
division - the act or process of dividing
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By construction, the QGL theory of a surface yields a quantization of its character variety; quantum differential operators form just the first interesting example.
Next, DCT coefficients are compressed through quantization process using Q50 quantizer.
Potter [1] as an extension of Einstein's general theory of relativity, predicts angular momentum per unit mass quantization states for bodies orbiting a central mass in all gravitationally bound systems with the defining equation in the Schwarzschild metric being
The hexagonal quantization algorithm is a contribution in the spirit of Li and Openshaw's (1990) natural principle for map generalization: that visual resolution at target scale should determine the degree to which features are transformed.
At a level for graduate or undergraduate students of physics, they discuss general field theory, general problems of field quantization, the quantization of the scalar field, the quantization of the electromagnetic field, the quantization of the spinorial field, general problems of field interactions, and divergent and non-divergent second-order processes.
Einstein did not consider any quantization of time and of length in his special and general theory of relativity because such a limitation at infinitesimal values was not yet discovered and discussed at that time.
Quantization is performed in the gray-level pixel space and hence the visual aspect of images is preserved.
Heidelberg, Germany) first present the classical treatment in chapters that address the local (gauge) symmetry systems as singular Lagrangian systems, the classical Hamiltonian formulation based on the work of Dirac, the symplectic approach for handling singular systems, second class systems where quantization poses some problems resolvable by gauge theory, and the Hamilton-Jacoby formulation of the classical dynamics of constrained systems.
7] have proposed a VQ-based image hiding scheme that employs the vector quantization (VQ) technique [8, 9] to compress the gray-level secret image and embed the results into the gray-level cover image using least significant bits (LSB) substitution.
Dither is a random noise added to a signal prior to it (re)quantization in order to control the statistical properties of the quantization error (Wannamaker et al.
7,502,519, covering systems and methods for image pattern recognition using vector quantization (VQ).
Part I of this webinar series covered the fundamentals of data sampling and explored the effects of quantization, under- and oversampling, process gain, anti-alias filtering, and much more.