quantum jump

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quantum jump

1. Abrupt change from one energy level to another, especially such a change in the orbit of an electron with the loss or gain of a quantum of energy.
2. A quantum leap.

quan′tum jump′

1. an abrupt transition of a system described by quantum mechanics from one discrete state to another, as the fall of an electron to an orbit of lower energy.
2. any sudden and significant change, advance, or increase.
Also called quan′tum leap′.
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Noun1.quantum jump - (physics) an abrupt transition of an electron or atom or molecule from one quantum state to another with the emission or absorption of a quantum
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
jump, leap, saltation - an abrupt transition; "a successful leap from college to the major leagues"
2.quantum jump - a sudden large increase or advance; "this may not insure success but it will represent a quantum leap from last summer"
jump, leap - a sudden and decisive increase; "a jump in attendance"
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This will give a quantum jump to the bilateral trade in addition to increasing the Pakistani exports manifold, he said and added that investment of $60 billion under CPEC will further attract investment of $150 billion from the other countries.
1,75,000 crore till January, 2018, and is all set to achieve a quantum jump in the award of road projects in the year 2017-18.
He said that the government was committed to completing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which would give a quantum jump to national progress.
Unless the public realises that their mindset have to change, and until they make radical changes to the way that they drive, minor tweaks such as this will deliver minor improvements but not lead to a quantum jump that we hope to see.
KARACHI -- The bilateral trade and Japanese investment in Pakistan will see quantum jump provided there is consistency in the latter's economic policies, along with sustained better law and order situation.
Terming GSP plus status a turning point, he said that the authority was making serious efforts to give a quantum jump to Pakistan's exports by focusing particularly on non-traditional markets.
There would be a quantum jump in the steel consumption once the proposal is approved, he said, adding Railways, urban housing, shipping and national highways are big customers.
With UPI we believe that customers will have a more seamless banking experience and we hope that the success rates would be a quantum jump over the Payment Gateway experience.
Indian Navy has described the testfiring as "a quantum jump in Indian air defense capabilities".
This event will create a quantum jump in the usage of the new generation of endoscopes in the early discovery and treatment of tumors, the pointed out.
241bn in 2014, a quantum jump from Rs607m in the previous year due to 28pc jump in sales from Rs24.
This represents a quantum jump over ` 6,300- crore worth PPP projects awarded in the in the 12 months of the last financial year ( 2014- 15).

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