quantum jump

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quantum jump

1. Abrupt change from one energy level to another, especially such a change in the orbit of an electron with the loss or gain of a quantum of energy.
2. A quantum leap.

quan′tum jump′

1. an abrupt transition of a system described by quantum mechanics from one discrete state to another, as the fall of an electron to an orbit of lower energy.
2. any sudden and significant change, advance, or increase.
Also called quan′tum leap′.
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Noun1.quantum jump - (physics) an abrupt transition of an electron or atom or molecule from one quantum state to another with the emission or absorption of a quantum
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
jump, leap, saltation - an abrupt transition; "a successful leap from college to the major leagues"
2.quantum jump - a sudden large increase or advance; "this may not insure success but it will represent a quantum leap from last summer"
jump, leap - a sudden and decisive increase; "a jump in attendance"
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making serious efforts to give a quantum jump to our exports by focusing particularly on non traditional markets and encouraging exports of nontraditional items.
He said the institution of Ombudsman was facing various challenges and stressed a need to retool and redesign the Ombudsman's forum for a quantum jump in its performance.
This event will create a quantum jump in the usage of the new generation of endoscopes in the early discovery and treatment of tumors, the pointed out.
Bidders will be asked to quote the revenue they will share with the government at the low and high- end price and production band to capture windfall of steep rise in prices as well as quantum jump in production.
To substantiate his allegations, Modi explained how the plan expenditure budget of the IPRD registered a quantum jump to Rs900 million (Dh51.
We are committed to making vehicles that have Waku-Doki which translates to being exciting and fun to drive and this has also resulted in a quantum jump in customer satisfaction while giving them the peace of mind of Toyota ownership.
The Prime Minister said the Sagarmala project should lead to port-led development, and become a major link element for his "Make in India" vision, which envisaged a quantum jump in India s global trade.
Sayyid Fahd explained to the visiting delegation that education is the basic pillar for the development of societies and this can be achieved through the upgradation of programmes and accomplishing a quantum jump in quality with the induction of trained cadres who understand the requirements of the current era.
Looking ahead, Vice Admiral Sinha said that with the commissioning of the Vikramaditya, the Navy's reach and ability to respond in real time to developing situations in "our area of responsibility" would see a quantum jump.
There has been a quantum jump in the participation of Yemeni women in the political sphere," he said.
What is now most required," he added, "is a doubling or quantum jump in production levels to make up for all the time and capacity loss suffered in the aftermath of the unrest.
Among the topics are generating rooted trees of m nodes uniformly random, covering arrays and hash families, finding error-correcting codes using computers, quantum jump codes and related combinatorial designs, recent results on families of symmetric designs and non-embeddable quasi-residual designs, and codes and modules associated with designs and t-uniform hypergraphs.

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