quarter section

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quarter section

A land unit equal to a quarter of a section and measuring half of a mile on a side.

quarter section

(Units) US and Canadian a land measure, used in surveying, with sides half a mile long; 160 acres

quar′ter sec′tion

(in surveying and homesteading) a square tract of land, half a mile on each side, thus containing ¼ sq. mi. or 160 acres. Abbr.: q.s.
[1795–1805, Amer.]

Quarter Section

A square block of land of onehalf mile along each side, containing 160 acres and, unless being used only as a unit of area measurement, located so that it was one of four equal-size portions of a section.
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Noun1.quarter section - a land unit equal to a quarter of a section (160 acres) and measuring 1/2 mile on a side
area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
References in classic literature ?
There'll be room for that and for everything on a quarter section," she encouraged.
Near midnight one evening, as hundreds of Republican conventioneers were spilling out of restaurants and private parties into the city's fashionably historic Gaslamp Quarter section, a local cabdriver made light of the mass of people.
Tenders are invited for Electrification work of Original Work MOW Renovation Deposit work of Residential and Non-Residential Buildings in Khandwa Head Quarter Section under E and M Sub-Division Khandwa.
NOTE: Patterns indicated a uniform spread in each quarter section of the 30-inch circle.
The nearest quarter section to be given out, as far as could be learned last night, is 7 miles from the city and report had it that it would sell easily for $2000.
Langlais homesteaded, getting a second quarter section as grant for services in the rebellion, and carried on as a settler for many years.
This quarter section has been added to the Company's upcoming 3D program.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Material for patch repair work under Head Quarter section Sub Division No 1 Katni
This would have given the homesteaders on the even-numbered sections the fight to pre-empt the quarter section next to them, thus throwing the squatters off the land upon which they had already built houses and had started clearing and breaking.
Tusk Energy Corporation (TSX: TSK) is the immediate neighbor, on the NW quarter of the section, of which Pemberton signed 2 letters of intent for the NE quarter section, and according to a recent Tusk Presentation http://www.