quarter pound

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Noun1.quarter pound - 4 ounces avoirdupois
lbf., pound - a nontechnical unit of force equal to the mass of 1 pound with an acceleration of free fall equal to 32 feet/sec/sec
avoirdupois unit - any of the units of the avoirdupois system of weights
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Maribel Santos, Abdeen Darwish, Farah Ahmed, Ceferina Nava and Nadim Siddiq won a share of the quarter pound of gold for selecting Quarter Pounder with cheese sandwich.
Taking advantage of the US government's decision to lift a block on imported soil, the pair have begun shipping over tiny three quarter pound bags of precious Irish soil.
Each fan generates about a quarter pound of debris per game, and about three times that much during the playoffs," said Wheaton.
Producing the cotton required for a regular T-shirt releases a quarter pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides into the water, air and soil.
Canterbury Foods Ltd, tel:0173 222 8700, have introduced a precooked quarter pound spicy beanburger.
After eating a quarter pound of the ribbed vegetable every day for a week -- but not altering his diet in any other way -- he noted that his blood pressure dropped back into the normal range.
1940s parcel: 10s (50p) A quarter pound of tea, tin of cocoa powder, bar of chocolate, tinned pud, tinned meat roll, tin of processed cheese, tin of condensed milk, dried eggs, tinned sardines or herring, jam, margarine, sugar, tinned veg, biscuits, soap, 50 cigarettes or tobacco 2013 parcel: PS10.
2X the size of regular hot dogs," announces the Hebrew National Quarter Pound Beef Frankslabeti Nathan's sells similar-size Dinner Beef Franks.