quarter section

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quarter section

A land unit equal to a quarter of a section and measuring half of a mile on a side.

quarter section

(Units) US and Canadian a land measure, used in surveying, with sides half a mile long; 160 acres

quar′ter sec′tion

(in surveying and homesteading) a square tract of land, half a mile on each side, thus containing ¼ sq. mi. or 160 acres. Abbr.: q.s.
[1795–1805, Amer.]

Quarter Section

A square block of land of onehalf mile along each side, containing 160 acres and, unless being used only as a unit of area measurement, located so that it was one of four equal-size portions of a section.
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Noun1.quarter section - a land unit equal to a quarter of a section (160 acres) and measuring 1/2 mile on a side
area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
References in classic literature ?
With a small pinch of it in one hand, and a quarter section of a bread-fruit in the other, the greatest chief in the valley would have laughed at all luxuries of a Parisian table.
There'll be room for that and for everything on a quarter section," she encouraged.
For example, in 1934 they broke out ten quarter sections of raw prairie.
Generally, there''''s decent vision but rear vision is restricted around the rear quarter sections.
Personnel ran one of the quarter sections through the T7 heat treatment process and ran another quarter section through T4 heat treatment.
By 1910, he had amassed 14 quarter sections of land on which he established his family as they reached maturity and began farming on their own.
His farm eventually encompassed 800 acres--one and a quarter sections.
18) Fern owned a quarter section of farmland; her husband owned the other three quarter sections of the same section of land.
This first phase was made possible when the city of Saskatoon agreed to lease three quarter sections of land adjacent to Wanuskewin to the heritage park.
In 1999, while trying to figure out a cheap way to get water to some undergrazed quarter sections of pasture land, he looked at his cows and remembered something: "They're supposed to be working for us.
The curved supports that anchor the work top to the wall are glued-up pairs of quarter sections of a 23-1/2-in.
He wants the Algiers, Garden District and French Quarter sections to reopen over the next week and a half, bringing back more than one-third of the city's half-million inhabitants, though city officials have backed off a specific date for reopening the famous French Quarter.