quartermaster general

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Noun1.quartermaster general - a staff officer in charge of supplies for a whole army
staff officer - a commissioned officer assigned to a military commander's staff

Quartermaster General

nGeneralquartiermeister m
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In June 1945, after months of study, the quartermaster general submitted a long-delayed final plan for the overseas dead.
A two-volume set of the tinted photos was prepared for the Quartermaster General, and they were later hand colored.
175) That same day a supplementary report from the Special Office of the Quartermaster General Section outlined the significance of these "exceptional measures," especially within the context of secret instructions in GUGSh possession for Austro-Hungarian troop mobilization.
In November 1777, General Washington received Captain Bartholomew von Heer's "Plan for a Corps of Marechaussee" from Assistant Quartermaster General Henry E.
Units are evaluated on several criteria, with up to 10% of the total score reserved for areas of special emphasis by the Army G4 and/or the Quartermaster General.
Set aside in 1864 by Union Quartermaster General Montgomery C.
Trained at the West Point of Jefferson's dream, Montgomery served in the Union army as the Quartermaster General.
The war-savvy Quartermaster General, who knows what soldiers need and commanders often can't supply.
Sherman famously coined the phrase "War is Hell," Brigadier General Montgomery Meigs, Union Quartermaster General, could have uttered as convincingly that "War is Business" because of the vast supply undertaking the conflict required.
They were formed in 1997 following a split in the IRA when its quartermaster general Michael McKevitt denounced its leaders, demanding an end to the ceasefire and the IRA's participation in the peace process.
The Second Bishop's War of 1640 resulted in victory for the Covenanters, who occupied the north of England with Moray serving as Quartermaster General of the Scottish Army of occupations.

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